News from the Sony press conference at the 2009 IFA show in Berlin, with new TVs and new technologies

At today's IFA press conference in Berlin, Sony has announced new ranges of TVs, including new triple-tuner sets that allow you to watch content from terrestrial, cable and satellite sources - without the need for any external set-top boxes.

 The Bravia V5800, W5800 and Z5800 sets all have the three-in-one tuners which cater for DVB-S2, DVB-T and DVB-C. Of those three, the Z5800 also contains a Freesat tuner. It also has Sony's 200Hz Motion Flow technology.

At the conference, Sony also announced  the W5810, which along with the Z5800demonsrtates Sony's embrace of Freesat. The '5810 uses 100 Hz Motion Flow picture processing technology.