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Best OLED TV deals 2019: 55in, 65in, 77in

If you're in the market for a new OLED TV, we've got good news: this time of year is something of a sweet spot for buyers. You'll find plenty of superb 2018 OLED TV deals, plus discounts on the best OLED TVs of 2019.

Yes, it really is a great time to buy an OLED TV.

We've rounded-up not only the cheapest prices on some of our favourite OLED TVs, but also the pick of the other fantastic OLED TV deals on offer. If we haven't reviewed the TV in question, we'll use our knowledge of the market to let you know what we think of the deal. 

Without further ado, here's our pick of the best OLED TV deals around, covering the best prices from Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more. 

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55 inch OLED TV deals

LG OLED55B9 4K OLED TV $1800 $1199 at Amazon
LG's cheapest 2019 OLED TV uses the same processor as the LG OLED TV below but comes with 2019's picture improvements.View Deal

LG OLED55C8 4K OLED TV $2999 $1245 at Amazon 
The C8 is one of the cheapest 2018 LG OLEDs to include the brand new Alpha 9 processor – key to LG's picture upgrades. What's more, thanks to fresh discounts it barely costs more than the B8, and is definitely the model to get while you still can.View Deal

Sony XBR-55A8G 4K OLED TV $1998 $1798 at Crutchfield
Brilliant in many ways, this 2019 55-inch set promises spectacular picture quality thanks to Sony's 4K X-Reality PRO processing chip, which upscales images to near-4K clarity. And with HDR and Dolby sound to boot, it's a much-improved take on last year's model. View Deal

LG OLED55C9 4K OLED TV $1996.99 $1497 at Walmart
You can bag the 2019 version of the C9 – which won a 2019 What Hi-Fi? Award – with a $400 saving at Walmart. "Colours are insanely good, contrast levels are cracking, it’s super sharp and detailed. We’d have it at home in a heartbeat."View Deal

Sony XBR-55A9G 4K OLED TV $2799.99 $2499 at Best Buy
This 2019 Sony Master Series TV is a superb TV, particularly in terms of sound quality. A saving of 300 bucks on the current model certainly helps sweeten the deal.View Deal

65 inch OLED TV deals

LG OLED65C9 4K OLED TV $3496 $2196 at Crutchfield
LG has squeezed yet more performance from its OLED panel – the C9 is natural, dynamic and rich, and it sounds good, too. Better still, you can make a $1000 saving when buying this 2019 What Hi-Fi? award-winner online.View Deal

Sony XBR-65A8G 4K OLED TV $3499.99 $1999.99 at Best Buy
More affordable than the Master Series A9G model, the A8G is Sony's entry-level 2019 OLED. It lacks the X1 Ultimate processor of the A9G, but is IMAX Enhanced-certified and features Sony's brilliant Acoustic Surface sound tech. With a $1,500 saving, it's a great buy.View Deal

LG 65B9PUA 4K OLED TV $2599.99 $1999.99 at Best Buy
The B9 is cheaper than C9 model, but it has a less sophisticated processor and doesn't have the new AI features. If you can do without such bells and whistles, you'll benefit from Dolby Atmos sound and HDR for a full cinematic experience.View Deal

77 inch OLED TV deals

LG OLED77B9 77in OLED 4K TV $4997 $3997 at Walmart
20% off this 2019 LG OLED TV. It's a mammoth 77in screen, but if that's the size you're looking for, there are few tellies as good as this one. With $1000 off, this is as compelling a buy as it'll ever be.
Enter TURKEY at checkout for this price. Plus, get free Disney+ for one year.View Deal

LG OLED77C9PLA 4K OLED TV $5999.99 $4996.99 at Amazon
Over $1000 has been shaved off this 77in 2019 OLED TV. It's still a lot of money of course, but you can be confident of its performance. We gave the smaller version of this TV a five-star review for its exceptional picture quality.View Deal

Sony XBR-77A9G 4K OLED $6999.99 $4998 at World Wide Stereo
One of the best-sounding TVs we've ever tested, the A9 is an engineering marvel offering a compelling combo of Acoustic Surface Audio+ tech and impressive picture quality. It's also eye-wateringly expensive, so this $2,000 price drop is most welcome. View Deal


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