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Best OLED TV deals for LG, Sony, Vizio, 48, 55, 65, 77-inch TVs in 2022

You can make big savings on some of the best OLED TVs around right now as 2021 TVs push down the price of previous generation models - and that means the chance for a bargain.

There are OLED TV deals on some of our favorite models, with savings of over $600 on some of the best LG, Sony and Vizio OLED sets on sale. Whether you want the latest flagship, five-star OLED, or a slightly older model to help you secure a bargain, we've rounded-up the best OLED deals we can find. 

LG CX OLED TV deals are proving insanely popular - and selling out fast - but you can still find bargains. So if you're thinking about upgrading your TV now is a great time to treat yourself to a new OLED. We've been through all the OLED TV sales to find the pick of the deals...

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The very best OLED TV deals

48-inch OLED deals

LG OLED48C1: $1297 $896 at Amazon (save $401) (opens in new tab)
LG's C1 OLEDs are some of the best in the business. The C1 has excellent tonal detail, an exciting picture, and it's great for gaming. If you want an OLED TV, look no further than the C1 at less than $900 with this deal.

Sony XBR-48A9S: $1900 $998 at Amazon (save $902) (opens in new tab)
When we reviewed the 48A9S at $1900, we loved its image quality, strong audio performance, and solid app selection, but we thought it was pricey. At less than $1000, the 48A9S is a fantastic OLED.

LG OLED48A1 4K OLED TV $1200 $796 at Amazon (save $404) (opens in new tab)
LG's A1 is an excellent cheap OLED for movies and TV. Features include Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision IQ, Filmmaker Mode and Cinema HDR plus access to Netflix, Disney Plus Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+. 

LG 48 CX Series OLED $1599 $1119 at Best Buy (save $480) (opens in new tab)
The first 4K OLED smaller than 50 inches is also the very best TV smaller than 50 inches that we’ve ever tested. So that makes any saving worthy of highlighting. It has the same brilliant picture quality and feature set of LG’s flagship OLEDs in a smaller, more manageable form.

55-inch OLED TV deals

LG OLED55CX HDR OLED TV $2000 $1296 at Amazon (save $704)
(opens in new tab)
The CX is the sweet spot in LG's 2020 OLED TV range – it gets you all of LG's top picture tech at a great price. Expect detail, richer colours and smooth motion. An astonishingly capable all-rounder. We've seen it cheaper but this is still a great price.

Sony XBR-55A9G OLED TV $2499 $1466 at Amazon (save $1033) (opens in new tab)
(opens in new tab)
This 2019 Sony Master Series TV is a superb TV, particularly in terms of sound quality. A saving of $1200 on the current model certainly helps sweeten the deal, even if it isn't the cheapest 55-inch OLED TV around.

LG OLED55GX OLED 4K TV $2300 $1296 at Amazon (save $1004) (opens in new tab)
Amazon is offering a huge saving on this elegant, ultra-thin TV with flush wall mount included. We gave the 2020 LG GX OLED (opens in new tab) five stars in our review, so you can rely on a consistent, natural picture, good motion and black levels, and a smart design.

Sony XR-55A80J 4K OLED TV $1800 $1300 at Best Buy (save $500) (opens in new tab)
This excellent OLED TV is an absolute cracker. It supports Dolby Atmos (opens in new tab) and Dolby Vision (opens in new tab) and features Sony's impressive audio and motion processing technologies. Make sure to take advantage of this top deal.

65-inch OLED TV deals

Sony XR-65A80J: $2499 $2398 at Amazon (save $101) (opens in new tab)
This Sony OLED offers up a super-sharp picture that's punchy and vibrant but still natural on top of excellent motion handling. This is a great set, and with a discount on top of the value it already offers, it's a great deal.

LG OLED65G2: $3200 $2796 at Amazon (save $404) (opens in new tab)
LG's premium G-series of OLED TVs wows with a bright picture, extraordinarily deep blacks, and an improved Gallery design. With this meaty discount, you can get one of the best TVs around for less than $3000.

Vizio 65-inch OLED H1 4K smart TV $1999 $1800 at Best Buy (save $199) (opens in new tab)
Want to go bigger? Best Buy still has a saving on this 65-inch Vizio OLED TV, which packs in all the same great features including Dolby Vision support, but with a bit more wow factor. 

Sony XBR-65A8H OLED TV $2800 $1374 at Best Buy (save $1426) (opens in new tab)
The Sony A8H provides Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos for truly immersive entertainment. This Sony 4K smart TV supports Chromecast and Bluetooth for wireless connections with a variety of devices, and has the Sony Picture Processor X1 Ultimate. The Acoustic Surface Audio technology means the whole screen is your speaker – clever.

77-inch OLED deals

LG OLED77C2: $3499 $3299 at Best Buy (save $200) (opens in new tab)
As the successor to the C1, the C2 also looks fantastic with a bright, punchy picture and features excellent gaming performance on top of bringing an engaging sound to the table, too. Grab one now for $200 off!

LG OLED77G1: $3246 $2996 at Amazon (save $250) (opens in new tab)
LG's G1 is another fantastic line of OLED TVs, and this epic 77-inch model doesn't disappoint with its fantastic image quality. More impressive is that you can get a 77-inch G1 for less than $3000 while supplies last!

LG OLED77C1: $3799 $2596 at Amazon (save $1203) (opens in new tab)
All OLED roads lead to the C1, eventually, and the 77-inch model is no different. This 4K TV packs in excellent picture quality and it's great for gamers too for less than $3000 for a massive 77-inch set. Better act fast!

LG OLED77A1 4K OLED TV $3000 $2296 at Crutchfield (save $704) (opens in new tab)
LG's A1 is an excellent cheap OLED for movies and TV. Features include Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision IQ, Filmmaker Mode and Cinema HDR plus access to Netflix, Disney Plus Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+. This deal includes 6 months free access to HBO Max.


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