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Sennheiser true wireless headphones slashed in price for Cyber Monday

Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphones in Cyber Monday sales
(Image credit: Sennheiser)

To the uninitiated, the massive sales event known as Black Friday may now be over, but thankfully Cyber Monday has only just begun – and certain retailers are leaving the best deals for last. 

That certainly seems to be the case at Amazon. The online retail giant just slashed the price of two top Sennheiser wireless headphones – namely the Sennehiser Momentum Free and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless – to the lowest prices we've seen to date. 

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless £280 £199 at Amazon
No wires to your mobile and no wires connecting them to each other; that's the joy of true wireless headphones. Perfect for exercise or other tangle-free fun, the charge case extends the battery life up to 12 hours in total. They're sonically well balanced, full of detail and present a really clear and open soundstage. A serious saving to be had here.View Deal

Sennheiser Momentum Free £170 £85 at Amazon
The Sennheiser Momentum Free in-ears take all that's great about the M2 in-ears and place it in a wireless package. An unfussy design with six hours of battery life, they come with an in-line remote and mic. You'd get the same powerful and dynamic sound from the wired version – no small feat. If you don't mind the solo wire connecting the buds together, there's now 50% off these five-star performers. Bargain. View Deal

The Momentum Free headphones received a coveted five stars from this publication. Under review, we praised the wireless headphones' "impressive clarity, powerful, musical performance and excellent dynamics".

Their True Wireless brethren, meanwhile, gained a highly commended four-star review from us, in which we noted their "impressive features, good battery life and balanced sound".  

Whichever Sennheiser headphones set you opt for, it's a great Cyber Monday saving.


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