Best turntables


...because (to mix our metaphors somewhat) those waters are a minefield. So stick with us to secure the best deal on the best deck your money can buy.


How to set up your turntable

Best turntable deals

Under £200

Audio Technica AT-LP3

A great plug-and-play turntable that sounds fantastic - dynamics, space and detail all impress.


Fully automatic | Built-in phono stage | 33 1/3 & 45rpm

Reasons to Buy
Expressive and musical
Good amount of space and detail for its price
Built-in phono stage and fully automatic tonearm
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note

USB under £200

Lenco L-85

Want to digitise your record collection? This Lenco is the best way without breaking the bank. Foolproof operation and a formidable feature set give you great bang for your buck.


Built-in phono stage | USB recording | Semi-automatic

Reasons to Buy
Decent, enjoyable sound for the money
Good with voices
User friendly
Appealing price and features
Reasons to Avoid
Rivals offer subtler, more dynamic and accurate sound

Under £300

Rega Planar 1

If you want to take a step up from a budget model, invest in the Planar 1. Trust us - Rega knows exactly what it's doing.


Belt drive | Moving magnet phono stage | 33.33/45rpm

Reasons to Buy
Good amount of detail
Rhythmic and expressive
Easy to put together
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing at this price

Under £400

Rega Planar 2

The Planar 2 is easily the best choice at this price point. It's as easy to use as the Planar 1, but improves on the already excellent sonic performance.


RB220 tonearm | 33.33/45rpm | Moving magnet cartridge

Reasons to Buy
Rhythmically sound
Packed with detail
Solid and authoritative
Sleek, understated design
Reasons to Avoid
Electric speed change would be preferable

USB under £400

Sony PS-HX500

Entertaining sound and hi-res ripping smarts in one fantastic, foolproof package.


Hi-res vinyl ripping | Belt drive | 33.33/45rpm

Reasons to Buy
Rips vinyl to hi-res WAV or DSD file
Simple set-up
Lively and transparent sound
Big, spacious soundstage
Reasons to Avoid
Doesn’t look all that special

Under £700

Rega Planar 3/Elys 2

The Planar 3 offers an irresistible combination of great sound, simplicity and solid build quality.


Belt drive | 33.33/45rpm | Manual tonearm

Reasons to Buy
Cohesive, rhythm and dynamic presentation
Plenty of insight
Great fun to listen to
Well made and nicely finish
Easy to use
Reasons to Avoid
Like all turntables needs care in positioning

Under £1000

Clearaudio Concept

A repeat Award-winner, and for good reason. The sound is awesome, there's poise and pace to spare, and it packs a punch too.


33.33/45/78rpm | Moving magnet phono stage | Belt drive

Reasons to Buy
Easy to set up
Great build
Excellent all-round sonic performance
Reasons to Avoid
Against: Nothing (unless you don’t care for the looks)

Under £1500

Rega Planar 6/Ania

A wonderfully refined, articulate and precise-sounding turntable that's a joy to listen to.


Ania MC (moving coil) cartridge | Separate power supply unit (Neo PSU) | Two speeds: 33 1/3 and 45 rpm

Reasons to Buy
Superb timing, agility and dynamism
Extremely refined and mature presentation
Precise and subtle
Smart-looking finish
Good build
Reasons to Avoid
Demands careful system-matching

Under £2500

Rega RP8/Apheta

Sound? Massively detailed. Agility? Class-leading. Dynamics? Strong. Precision? Exceptional. The RP8 is the very definition of a brilliant all-rounder.


33.33/45rpm | Electric speed change | Moving coil cartridge

Reasons to Buy
A massively detailed sound delivered with class leading agility
Strong dynamics and precision
Fine build
Reasons to Avoid
Careful placement a must
Needs careful system matching

Under £5000

VPI Prime

It's not cheap, but the Prime is getting into serious turntable territory. It handles even the most challenging musical arrangements with barely a shrug.


3D-printed arm | Manual speed change | Moving coil cartridge

Reasons to Buy
Confident and authoritative presentation
Excellent resolution of detail
Expressive dynamics and surefooted rhythmic drive
Excellent build and finish
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing at this level


Linn Klimax LP12

You might baulk at the price tag, but if you get a chance to experience this deck, its dynamics and rhythmic ability are out of this world. Build quality is also awesome, as you'd expect at this price.


Phono stage built-in | Suspension | Electronic speed change

Reasons to Buy
An informative, dynamic and exciting presentation
Sensational dynamics and surefooted with rhythms
Excellent build and finish
Reasons to Avoid
Hefty price