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Best phono stage, Awards 2012. An awesome phono stage that's hugely impressive for the price
Great dynamics, punchy sound, cohesive, tonally integrated, what’s not to like?
Honestly, at this price, there’s very little: its extremely basic appearance, perhaps?
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Rega already has the budget turntable side of things sown up neatly, with its Award-winning RP1, so it’s fitting that it should have a similarly priced phono stage to match.

The Fono Mini A2D is a moving magnet design; it also packs a front-mounted USB socket to enable you to transfer your vinyl to a PC should you so wish.

It’s no frills to the core, with the standard input/output sockets at the rear joined by an unusual front-mounted earthing point.

It’s solid enough, and though it’s light in weight, we had no problems keeping it anchored.



Suitably run-in, this Rega responded with a will when put to the test. Starting with Michael Jackson’s Thriller, the Fono Mini A2D handled Quincy Jones’ superb production impressively, serving up a cohesive, wide and dynamic sound.

There’s no end of punch, and when you couple this life with a great tonal balance and crisp timing, things are looking up.

This phono stage doesn’t sound lean either, whether dealing with a well-worn copy of Sonny Boy Williamson’s 1960 sessions, or Sinatra’s ’67 collaboration with Carlos Jobim.

Whatever the music, we found ourselves drawn in, and enjoying the presentation.

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Purists may bemoan the lack of fine detail compared with phono stages such as the Leema Elements, but this comes in at around a fifth of the price and then some, so that’s only to be expected.

With the Fono Mini A2D, Rega has produced a product that, at this price point, is a tough product to better.

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