A phono stage (also known as a phono preamp) boosts the signal from a turntable - if your stereo amp doesn't have one built-in, you'll need to buy a dedicated box to do the job for you.

Below you'll find a range of options at different pricepoints, including the best phono preamps suitable for budget, mid-range and high-end turntables.

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Under £100
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Rega Fono Mini A2D

Reviewed on 27th February 2012 at

This budget phono stage is an awesome little investment. A previous What Hi-Fi? Award-winner, the Fono Mini A2D is a moving magnet design, but also features a front-mounted USB socket to enable you to transfer your vinyl to a PC should you so wish.

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Under £200
Under £300
Under £500
Under £900

Rega Aria

Reviewed on 4th January 2016 at

A phono stage of quality rarely available under £1000, the Rega Aria will perform superbly – as long as the rest of your system is suitably talented.

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Under £2000

Luxman EQ-500

Reviewed on 20th April 2017 at

If you're after a top-class phono stage and have a suitably capable system, the Luxman won't let you down. It's beautifully made and a pleasure to use.

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