If your amplifier doesn't have a built-in phono stage to boost the signal from a turntable, then you'll need one of these – a dedicated phono preamp – to do the job for you.

Below you'll find options at a number of different pricepoints, including phono preamps suitable for budget, mid-range and high-end turntables.

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Under £100
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Rega Fono Mini A2D

Reviewed on 27th February 2012 at

If you've just jumped on the first rung of the vinyl ladder, this budget phono stage is an awesome little investment.

A previous Award-winner, the Fono Mini A2D is a moving magnet design, but also features a front-mounted USB socket to enable you to transfer your vinyl to a PC should you so wish.

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Under £200
Under £300
Under £900

Rega Aria

Reviewed on 4th January 2016 at

A phono stage of quality rarely available under £1000, the Rega Aria will perform superbly – as long as the rest of your system is suitably talented.

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Under £2000

Cyrus Phono Signature/PSX-R2

Reviewed on 4th April 2016 at

This is a top-class phono stage for similarly talented high-end turntables. We love the way it sounds - that's why it's part of our reference system - and the ability to fine-tune cartridge loading with the remote works perfectly.

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