Best budget turntables


These are the best budget turntables money can buy, whether you're dipping a toe with your first turntable, wanting to rip your vinyl using a USB deck or simply upgrading an ageing entry-level model.

Feeling flush? You can check out some more expensive models in our complete round-up of the best turntables to buy in 2018...


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Under £100

Lenco L-85

Hands down, one of the best budget plug-and-play turntables we've seen. And yes, other colours are available (six in total). If your budget can't budge, it's a no-brainer.


Built-in phono stage | USB recording | Semi-automatic

Reasons to Buy
Decent, enjoyable sound for the money
Good with voices
User friendly
Appealing price and features
Reasons to Avoid
Rivals offer subtler, more dynamic and accurate sound

Under £200

Audio Technica AT-LP3

Excellent performance meets a great set of features, and all wrapped up in a cracking budget package. 


Fully automatic | Built-in phono stage | 33 1/3 & 45rpm

Reasons to Buy
Expressive and musical
Good amount of space and detail for its price
Built-in phono stage and fully automatic tonearm
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note

Under £300

Pro-Ject Essential III

Latest in a long and seemingly inexhaustible line of great-value Pro-Ject decks.


Belt-drive | Manual 33/45rpm switch | Acrylic platter option

Reasons to Buy
Smart styling
Relatively simple set-up
Open, detailed sound
Exciting treble
Reasons to Avoid
Build isn’t rock solid


Sony PS-HX500

Want to rip vinyl to hi-res? This five-star turntable has that ability and is very usefully priced at the same time.


Hi-res vinyl ripping | Belt drive | 33.33/45rpm

Reasons to Buy
Rips vinyl to hi-res WAV or DSD file
Simple set-up
Lively and transparent sound
Big, spacious soundstage
Reasons to Avoid
Doesn’t look all that special