Everyone's heard about the vinyl resurgence, but there's not much point buying some nice new records without a decent turntable to play them on. The good news is: there are some corking record players around that don't cost the Earth...

We've rounded-up the best budget turntables on the market, whether you're looking to buy your first deck, rip your vinyl using a USB deck or upgrade an existing entry-level model.

Feeling a little more flush? You can check out some more expensive models in our complete round-up of the best turntables to buy in 2017...

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Rega Planar 1

Reviewed on 1st August 2016 at

Even as an entry-level turntable, this is the kind of record player that could take pride of place in a more aspirational hi-fi system.

The Planar 1 makes its competitor’s renditions sound like rehearsals for the main event, thanks to its spritely, entertaining sound. That's why it's a 2016 Award winner.

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