If you want the best quality sound from your headphones, you need to invest in a dedicated headphone amp. Here are our favourites.

The headphone amplification circuity included in a typical amplifier or smartphone is often fairly basic. Dedicated headphone amplifiers are designed to get the best possible sound from your headphones.

Many headphone amps now include a built-in DAC, so you can hook up a laptop and create a compact and effective desktop hi-fi system.

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Under £100

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Under £500

Chord Mojo

Reviewed on 14th October 2015 at

This DAC and headphone amp took home our Product of the Year Award in 2016, delivering an audio quality that surpasses what we'd expect at this price. Portable, solidly built and capable of a subtle yet dynamic sound.

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Under £1000

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Under £2000

Copland DAC 215

Reviewed on 18th November 2016 at

A headphone amp and DAC complete with valves? You'd better believe it. This striking machine delivers a likeable sound, especially with headphones.

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Under £5000
Under £8000
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Chord DAVE

Reviewed on 27th June 2016 at

Expensive price tag, silly name - but there's no denying this feature-packed box delivers seriously impressive, high-end performance. Provided you have the gear to get the most out of it, of course.

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