After years in the relative wilderness, a standalone DAC could be one of the most important parts of your system – we round-up the best on the market...

From the portable USB DAC, such as the Audioquest DragonFly Black, to more substantial offerings from Oppo and Chord we've assembled a list of the best DACs to buy, whatever your budget.

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Under £100

Audioquest DragonFly Black

Reviewed on 25th May 2016 at

The original DragonFly was a groundbreaking product, which rightly won accolades many moons ago. The Black continues this commitment to excellent sound quality on a budget in an even more impressive package. That makes it a 2016 Award winner.


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Under £200

AudioQuest DragonFly Red

Reviewed on 6th June 2016 at

The DragonFly Red builds on the qualities of the Black but it also manages to turn performance up a few notches. It's a near-flawless option for anyone looking to give their computer music a hi-fi boost. That's why it's our Best USB DAC £100+ in our Awards 2016.

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Under £300

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Under £500

Chord Mojo

Reviewed on 14th October 2015 at

Put simply, the £400 Mojo delivers much of the performance of the Award-winning, £1400 Chord Hugo at a fraction of the price. It's an outstanding product for the money and a worthy Product of the Year once again.

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Under £1000

Chord 2Qute

Reviewed on 7th July 2015 at
What happens when you combine two Award-winning products into one? You get the Chord 2Qute – a standalone DAC that’s the latest in Chord Electronics’ hugely successful Chordette range. We love it so much we made it Best DAC £500-£1000 in our 2016 Awards.
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Under £1500

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