After a pair of noise-cancelling headphones? These are the best money can buy, ranging from under £100 to around £350. Which is best pair for you?

If you want to block out the drone of daily life and listen to music without any distractions, this is the list for you. Whatever your budget, whether you want an over-, on-, or in-ear design, there's a pair of noise-cancelling headphones out there with your name on them.

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Under £100

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Under £200


Reviewed on 22nd October 2015 at

These AKGs fold up neatly, making them ideal for sticking in your pocket. They also deliver decent noise-cancellation with a punchy and balanced sound - and you can pick up a pair with quite a hefty discount.

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Under £300
Under £400

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Sony WF-1000X

Reviewed on 1st September 2017 at

Sony's entry into the truly wireless in-ear category delivers solid noise-cancelling skills, with a balanced, detailed sound. A great option for those who crave serious portability.

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