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Cyber Monday mega-deal: Lenco USB record player for just £84

Cyber Monday mega-deal: Lenco USB record player for just £84
(Image credit: Lenco)

Vinyl-curious but never quite found the moment to buy your first record player? That moment has just arrived in the Cyber Monday sales.

The Lenco L-85 is very much a 'My First Turntable' and a great starting point for your vinyl addiction. It was first released at £140. We reviewed it for £120 and now it's all the way down at just £84 leaving little excuse not to get involved.

Lenco L-85 £140 £84 at Bax Music
Great features and user-friendly operation make this Lenco the best budget plug-and-play turntable we’ve come across. Now down to this sub-£100 price, it's the perfect way to kick-start your vinyl addiction.View Deal

It has a built-in phone stage which means you can connect it to any amplifier you may already own or straight into some powered speakers. The USB output is also a real plus point. The idea here is that you can rip your records into digital copies, so even if you ever fall out of love with the big discs, you'll not have wasted cash on your music collection.

Set-up is dead easy too. There's more out there in sonic performance but you'll have to pay around £150 to get that. The only pity is that this excellent price is only for the black version of the Lenco L-85. It comes in a few jazzy colours too but for a little bit more.

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