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Cyber Monday hi-fi bargain: Save 20% on this NAD CD player

Cyber Monday hi-fi bargain: Save 20% this NAD CD player
(Image credit: Future)

A CD collection isn't hard to justify when NAD Cyber Monday hi-fi deals come around and you find you can pick up a perfectly good player for just £199.

The NAD C 538 is an entry-level disc spinner which sits beneath the company's C 568 and C546BEE and models. We reviewed the NAD C 538 at £249 and loved its ease of use and its well organised sound. Now, with £50 lopped off we love it for its price too.

It features a Wolfson 24bit/192kHz DAC which feeds coaxial and optical outputs for connecting the C 538 to, say, a stereo amplifier’s digital input or an external DAC.

It can, of course, play home-burned CDs as well as off-the-shelf albums and it supports MP3 and WMA playback too. It also has a 'high-precision’ clock with which it can reduce digital jitter.

It comes with a handy remote with playback controls which mirror what you'll find on the main machine's front panel.