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The best Cyber Monday 2020 UK tech deals

Cyber Monday 2020
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Oh you thought it was over? The Cyber Monday deals follow hot-on-the-heels of Black Friday, with some parts of the world seeing even bigger sales and better deals on Cyber Monday.

So we will be making sure we're on top of where the cheapest prices are on all our favourite products and bringing you the best Cyber Monday deals right here.

Consumer electronics and the latest tech gadgets of course feature prominently in the Cyber Monday sales, so you can expect big savings on 4K OLED TVs, wireless headphones, Bluetooth speakers, record players and more. And there are some great savings around already this weekend ahead of Cyber Monday.

The big shopping giants such as Amazon, Argos, Currys and John Lewis can dominate the Cyber Monday deals, but expect smaller, specialist shops to be just as competitive on price - and perhaps with closer attention to customer service. That's why we will be covering audio specialists such as Richer Sounds and Sevenoaks just as closely as the Cyber Monday 2020 deals go live.

The very best Cyber Monday deals

The best Cyber Monday TV deals

The best Cyber Monday headphone deals

The best Cyber Monday speaker deals

The best Cyber Monday Bluetooth speaker deals

The best Cyber Monday turntable deals

The best Cyber Monday hi-fi deals

The best Cyber Monday Blu-ray player deals

The best Cyber Monday speaker package deals

The best Cyber Monday AV receiver deals

The best Cyber Monday soundbar deals

The best Cyber Monday projector deals

When is Cyber Monday 2020?

Cyber Monday 2020 will be Monday 30th November.

Cyber Monday always takes place on the Monday after Black Friday, which itself always takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving. 

While we can expect plenty of activity in the days up to the big shopping weekend, and a flurry of activity on Friday, increasingly retailers have held back big deals for Cyber Monday - and even stretched out the sale into a "Cyber Week" of deals.

What is Cyber Monday?

The term 'Cyber Monday', meanwhile, was coined by Scott Silverman and the National Retail Federation's Ellen Davis in a bid to encourage people to take their shopping online during the Black Friday event. That was back in 2005, when people needed such encouragement! It's always the Monday after Black Friday.

So, in may ways, Cyber Monday is the original online shopping extravaganza, and with more of us shopping online, this year more than ever, it looks likely to grow and grow.

How long will Cyber Monday last?

Well, Black Friday is of course strictly 24 hours. And Cyber Monday is 24 hours. But like Amazon Prime Day and the January sales, these events always have preliminary and aftermath offers. 

For one, deals will run during the weekend sandwiched in the middle of the two days. And in the days and weeks building up to them, there will be plenty of 'pre-Black Friday' savings serenading the sites.

The Cyber Monday deals inevitably stretch out into the rest of the week ('Tech Tuesday', anyone?). We wouldn't put it past retailers like Amazon to run a week of deals following Cyber Monday.

Our experience also shows that there are often deals that carry all the way through from Black Friday into Cyber Monday. Perhaps not the very biggest and best deals to drop on Friday, but other offerings often hand around longer than retailers might have you believe.

Where to get the best Cyber Monday deals?

4K TVs, smart and Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones will almost guaranteed be on offer at pretty much every electronics retailer, and those looking to buy into, or build upon, an Alexa ecosystem will surely be able to save money on Fire streamer or tablet or Echo speaker.

The dominant names on the UK high street, such as Argos, Currys and John Lewis, will always go big on games console bundles ahead of Christmas, though whether we will see PS5 and Xbox Series X deals remains to be seen. We might have to settle for offers on the Nintendo Switch, which was a big seller last year.

We're confident the specialist AV retailers such as Richer Sounds and Sevenoaks will deliver some hi-fi and home cinema bargains – last year's What Hi-Fi? Award-winners are a good place to start when it comes to finding a price reduction. The likes of Amazon, Argos, eBay, Currys and will be competing in the bun fight to offer the lowest prices on audio and video too – which is only good news for the consumer.

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