CES 2013: Latest news on TVs, speakers, hi-fi and home cinema kit from this year's CES

CES 2013: If you want to know what the year in consumer electronics is set to hold, there’s only one place to be in January, and that’s the Las Vegas Convention Centre for CES 2013, the world's largest consumer electronics show.

The show is up and running and as the official international media partner, the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision team are out in force, getting news and video from the likes of LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony on the new TVs, hi-fi and home cinema kit and more for the year ahead.

See our Stars of CES for 2013: the ten best hi-fi and home cinema products at CES

Here is the latest news, in our constantly updated CES blog...

CES 2013: TVs


Sony has confirmed to us its plans for 4K content using a 4K server and also revealed details of the first 'Mastered in 4K' Blu-ray discs.

You can see full details on Sony's 2013 TV range here and also the company's Blu-ray player lineup for the year ahead.


LG has announced its OLED TVs will go on sale in the UK in Q1 2013, set to be joined by a 100in laser TV and a range of Ultra HD 4K TVs.

Don't forget, we've already given the LG 84in Ultra HD 4K the review treatment, as well as the Ultra HD 4K Sony KD-84X9005 and the glasses-free Ultra HD Toshiba 55ZL2.


Talking of Toshiba, the company has announced its first 4K Ultra HD TVs at CES 2013, with the launch of 58, 65 and 84in screens.


Sharp has announced a 4K Ultra HD TV with a Moth-Eye filter and a new range of 2013 TVs with improved sound, remote control apps, active 3D and more.


Samsung revealed its first 85in Ultra HD 4K TV and also a new flagship LED TV, the F8000


There's also a Samsung touchscreen TV built for Windows 8 (below), which certainly sounds different.

There's a whopping 110in Samsung Ultra HD TV on display at the show, which we'll bring you pictures of very soon, and more news on Samsung's Evolution Kit for updating your Smart TV, which promises to keep your Smart TV up to date with software updates.


Not to be out done, Philips showcased its own 4K TV, with a neat twist - glasses-free 3D. Philips is pinning it hopes on ditching the specs to give 3D a much needed boost in popularity.

CES 2013: Hi-Fi and home cinema

See our Stars of CES for 2013: the ten best hi-fi and home cinema products at CES


Wireless streaming was predictably popular at this year's CES, and the Cabasse Stream 3 hi-fi system incorporated the feature in fine style.


Focal has announced new wireless Speak Airs and a wireless Sub Air plus a next-gen Chorus 700 speaker range.

German hi-fi specialist T+A will use CES next week as the global launchpad for its new HV (High Voltage) series of high-end hi-fi components.

The range is designed "to form the pinnacle of T+A's solid state products", catering for "demanding audiophiles who want the best stereo music reproduction".

And British hi-fi firm Chord Electronics wil showcase its new £7500 DSX 1000 Reference streamer (above).

Green is always good, and NAD has got in there first with its T 977 power amplifier, the power amplifier promises oodles of power without guzzling more than 0.5 watts on standby.

Fancy something a little crazy? Try the Boulder 3060 stereo power. A fearsome piece of kit weighing 204g, but you'll need $115,000 for the privilege.

There are always plenty of high-end electronics and speakers to get excited about, with the likes of Krell, Meridian and McIntosh wowing us with products last year. We’re looking forward to more of the same.

More affordably, soundbars have been one of the biggest growth markets in 2012, so expect to see plenty more, with LG already showing off one of its new models.

Behringer has announced its Omni wireless speaker system, using Apple AirPlay technology to send audio around your home from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

B&O released some striking looking active speakers with a new BeoLab system, BeoLab 12 and BeoVision 11 smart TV.

CES 2013: Headphones

Expect plenty of headphones and wireless audio at CES. Celebrity-endorsed headphones still flood the market, with the likes of Lemmy promoting his Motorheadphones and Snooki (who?) from Jersey Shore (what?) promoting her iHip headphones.

House of Marley has launched a huge line-up of new headphones made from sustainable, 'upcycled' materials, including Rise-Up, Harambe and Legend models.

CES 2013: Wireless speakers and iPod docks

We're finally expecting to see some more accessories for the latest-generation Apple products with the new Lightning connector, joining the JBL OnBeat Micro, the world's first Apple Lightning dock on the market...

...Turns out it didn't take long – JBL has confirmed it will be showing the new OnBeat Rumble Lightning dock alongside the JBL Charge wireless speaker (above) at CES 2013.

Wireless speakers, whether AirPlay or Bluetooth, will no doubt be everywhere at CES 2013 as well, with the striking Definitive Technology Sound Cylinder Bluetooth speaker one of the first out of the blocks.

Pure has added to its Jongo multiroom music system with a new stereo speaker, the T640B, and a hi-fi adapter, called A140B.

Belkin will no doubt get plenty of attention for its new Thunderstorm handheld iPad dock, which looks more like a stand than a dock but has speakers built-in and promises an 'immersive' experience.

House of Marley has also launched wireless Bluetooth speakers, named the Get Up Stand Up and the One Foundation speaker systems. Yes, really.

Eton Audio has launched solar-powered portable wireless speakers, giving you the ability to power your speaker from the sun's rays, plus play music and charge your phone (via USB) at the same time.

Polk Audio has launched the Woodbourne wireless speaker, working with AirPlay and aptX Bluetooth for wireless music.

There was more Bluetooth action with the launch of the Damsen Oyster rugged portable speaker.

Philips also let a new wireless speaker break cover at CES 2013, the Portable Speaker P8. The firsy wireless speaker in the Fidelio range, it uses wireless Bluetooth streaming.

CES 2013: Stars of CES

The inaugural Stars of CES last year saw us pick our favourite ten products of the show, focusing on the best audio and video products from the specialist hi-fi and home cinema brands.

2012 winners included Arcam’s rPAC portable DAC, Rega’s RS10 loudspeakers, the Dynaudio Xeo wireless speakers and the monstrous Audio Research Reference DAC Digital Media Bridge.

And the winners are... See our Stars of CES for 2013: the ten best hi-fi and home cinema products at CES

CES 2013: Smartphones

LG teased that it would be announcing new 'super phones', but not until Mobile World Congress in March, but did confirm the new Optimus G as its top model.

Sony however did release a new smartphone, the flagship Xperia Z, a 5in Full HD resolution phone with a quad core processor.

Rumours that Samsung could replace its massively successful Galaxy S3 with a new, you guessed it, Galaxy S4 proved unfounded, however.

CES 2013: Tablets

Analysts expect Android to overtake iOS in the tablet marketplace some time in 2013, so we expected plenty of cut-price CES tablets, with Asus said to be planning a sub-£200 7in rival to the Nexus 7.

One thing's for sure, CES 2013 was certainly low on quality tablet offerings, though Panasonic threw a curveball in the mix with the release of a 20in tablet sporting a 4K resolution screen.

What you won't see, is Microsoft: the company is absent from the list of exhibitors for the first time since 1995, joining Apple on the list of CES absentees.

CES 2013: Best of Innovations Awards

The organisers of CES have just announced the nominated products (or Honorees) in the CES Best of Innovations Awards. This year's honorees will feature in the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards showcase in The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

Among those nominated are Sennheiser for its IE800 in-ear headphones, Bang & Olufsen's BeoPlay A9 AirPlay speaker (below), the Harman Kardon BDS 577 Blu-ray system and LG's 84LM960V Ultra-Definition TV.

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