Best Sony TVs


If you've always owned a Sony TV, it's understandable you might want your next set to be made by the Japanese giant. If that's the case, you've come to the right place.

We've reviewed the best Sony TVs you can buy right now, spanning a range of prices and screen sizes and including both LCD and OLED options of the 4K variety.

Give them a read. Your next TV could be here somewhere.

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Under £1500

Sony KD-49XF9005

This 49in, 4K HDR Sony looks the part and produces a colourful and detailed picture with excellent contrast and motion handling.


4K HDR | Android TV | Four HDMI inputs

Reasons to Buy
Good handling of detail
Nuanced yet punchy colours
Impressive contrast
Full range of apps
Reasons to Avoid
Android TV is a bit clunky

Under £2000

Sony KD-65XF9005

65 inches of flagship features and excellent picture quality make for a stunning Sony TV. It's even more of a bargain now there's been a sizeable price drop.


4K | HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision (via later update) | Direct LED backlight

Reasons to Buy
Fantastic detail in the brightest and darkest picture elements
Brilliantly bright and punchy
Stunning but natural colours
Loads of apps
Clear sound
Reasons to Avoid
Minor backlight blooming
Bass-light audio
Can be beaten for viewing angles
Android OS is still frustratingly sluggish

Under £3000

Sony KD-55A1

Until very recently the single most impressive OLED TV we'd seen.


OLED | 4K HDR | Invisible speakers

Reasons to Buy
Beautiful, classy and unique design
Good sound from its clever, invisible speaker system
Deep, insightful blacks
Spot-on skin tones and vibrant colours
Brilliantly solid, three-dimensional images
Reasons to Avoid
No Dolby Vision (although it is coming via an update at some point)
Interface isn’t as slick as that of some rivals
LG’s OLEDs do a better job with standard-def