Best Samsung TVs


From a 32in screen for less than £300 to a 65in QLED monster for over three grand, the Korean giant has a TV for you. Here are the best Samsung TVs to pass through our test rooms in recent months from Full HD to 4K HDR.

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Under £300

Samsung UE32M5500

If you're looking for a second or third TV and it doesn't have to be a mammoth 65in set, this 32in Full HD model could be the perfect fit. What it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for with a stoic performance.


Full HD | LCD | 3 x HDMI

Reasons to Buy
Great UI with lots of apps
Balanced picture
Deep blacks
Good motion
Reasons to Avoid
Images lack some punch
Colour balance is on the warm side
No 4K or HDR

Under £500

Samsung UE40MU6400U

A startling level of performance (and screen size) for the money leads inexorably to a What Hi-Fi? Award.


4K resolution | HDR10 compatible | Wi-fi

Reasons to Buy
All the specs and apps you could hope for
Deep, insightful blacks
Impressive detail and definition
Natural, nuanced colours
Great value
Reasons to Avoid
You can get more impressive HDR if you spend more money

Under £1000

Samsung QE49Q7F

The QE49Q7F has everything going for it: a punchy, vibrant picture, slick operating system and a screen size that OLED can't currently match. 


4K | HDR10, HDR10+, HLG | QLED

Reasons to Buy
Punchy, bright and vibrant pictures - particularly in HDR
Fabulous detail and definition
Great operating system
Excellent for gaming
Broad selection of apps
Reasons to Avoid
Iffy viewing angles
Can be beaten for motion
Sony rival is cheaper and more subtle

Under £2500

Samsung QE55Q9FN

Samsung's flagship 55in QLED produces a bright, colourful picture and greater black depth and consistency than a backlit telly has achieved before. If you're looking for a serious rival to OLED, this is it.


4K | HDR10, HDR10+, HLG | QLED

Reasons to Buy
Bright and vibrant picture
Deep, detailed, uniform blacks
Lots of apps and features
Power via OneConnect box
Good motion
Reasons to Avoid
OLEDs go even blacker
Sony does better motion
Viewing angles aren’t perfect

Under £4000

Samsung QE65Q9FN

If you can accommodate Samsung's impressive 65in QLED TV you won't be disappointed. A premium set with a premium 4K HDR picture.


4K | HDR10, HLG | Direct LED backlight

Reasons to Buy
Astonishingly punchy, bright and vibrant images
Deep, detailed blacks
Loads of apps and features
Genius evolution of OneConnect
Strong handling of motion
Reasons to Avoid
Sony does even better motion
OLED offers even deeper blacks and better viewing angles