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CES 2013: Belkin plans to make a big noise with its Thunderstorm handheld iPad dock

New from Belkin at CES 2013, which opens in Las Vegas on Tuesday, is the Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater, an all-in-one portable speaker dock for the Apple iPad designed 'to create a deeper, more immersive audio experience.'

Developed in conjunction with Audifi, the $200 Belkin Thunderstorm uses high-efficiency front-facing speakers to 'project cinematic-quality sound', the company saying that 'Ported speakers and integrated air channels in the design allow optimal airflow so bass frequencies come alive'.

In addition there will be a downloadable Thunderstorm App to customise the sound

The Belkin fits around the iPad, has an integral magnetic cover and connects to the Apple device directly: a version with the 30-pin dock connector goes on sale this month, with a Lightning connector version available in the Spring.

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