The Boulder 3060 stereo Class A power amplifier has a monstrous price tag to match its massive dimensions and 900 watts per channel power output

Boulder stopped us in our tracks at CES 2013 thanks to the sight of the company's brand new 3060 stereo Class A power amplifier. 

The company, based in Colorado, is no stranger to super-size AV products, and the 3060 stereo Class A power amplifier is the most powerful amplifier the company has ever made. The price? $115,000.

New for 2013 and launched at this year's CES, the power amp is the top-of-the-range model from Boulder and delivers a hefty 900 watts per channel and weighs a back-breaking 204kg.

The amplifier can "drive any loudspeaker to realistic performance levels" and comes complete with continuously active protection and status monitoring circuits.

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You'll get a black granite and stainless steel platform cut to match the power amp, to make for a fearsome proposition for any living room. 

All you need now is the space to squeeze it in. Oh and £115,000 (prices outside the US to be confirmed).

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