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CES 2013: Boulder unleashes $115,000 stereo power amplifier

Boulder stopped us in our tracks at CES 2013 thanks to the sight of the company's brand new 3060 stereo Class A power amplifier.

The company, based in Colorado, is no stranger to super-size AV products, and the 3060 stereo Class A power amplifier is the most powerful amplifier the company has ever made. The price? $115,000.

New for 2013 and launched at this year's CES, the power amp is the top-of-the-range model from Boulder and delivers a hefty 900 watts per channel and weighs a back-breaking 204kg.

The amplifier can "drive any loudspeaker to realistic performance levels" and comes complete with continuously active protection and status monitoring circuits.

You'll get a black granite and stainless steel platform cut to match the power amp, to make for a fearsome proposition for any living room.

All you need now is the space to squeeze it in. Oh and £115,000 (prices outside the US to be confirmed).

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