Best TV streaming boxes


Even if you don't have a smart TV, you can still get streaming - all you need is a suitable streaming device. Nowadays they're smaller, cheaper and more feature-packed than ever before. Some can stream in HD and 4K, too, providing your broadband connection is up to it.

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Under £25

Now TV box (2015)

The cheapest Now TV box outputs 1080p Full HD and can serve up 7.1 surround sound - it's the obvious route to a smorgasbord of catch-up TV and Sky content on a budget.


HD video | 7.1 sound | Sky content

Reasons to Buy
Box has caught up with 1080p and 7.1 surround sound spec
Easy to use
More-than-reasonable cost
Reasons to Avoid
Sky doesn’t yet broadcast to the box’s full potential
No auto resolution setting

Under £50

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa (2017)

Amazon's latest Fire TV Stick is a stone-cold bargain. It even boasts Alexa, Amazon's voice-activated personal assistant. "Alexa, show me something good!"


Alexa voice control | HDMI | Remote

Reasons to Buy
Alexa voice control
Responsive UI
Multiple streaming services
Reasons to Avoid
Nothing of note

Under £100

Amazon Fire TV 4K (2017)

If you're happy spending a little more, take a step up to the Fire TV box. 4K video, a speedy UI and expanded storage options make it a great choice.


4K | HDR 10 | Dolby Atmos

Reasons to Buy
Alexa integration
Good 4K and HDR library
Dolby Atmos hardware support
Seamless operation
Reasons to Avoid
No access to Atmos content
No Dolby Vision
Amazon-heavy interface won’t have universal appeal

Under £200

Apple TV 4K

Apple finally added 4K to its streaming box of tricks. The 32GB model can be yours for £179, the 64GB £199.


4K HDR | Dolby Vision

Reasons to Buy
Substantial library of 4K HDR content
Small, silent box
Nice UI
Useful voice control
Strong picture and sound
Almost every app you could ask for
Reasons to Avoid
Lack of some advanced audio formats
All 4 still missing
Universal search isn't quite universal

Under £500

Microsoft Xbox One X

A little bit quirky and not perfect in every respect, but the One X is still a box of many talents and supports 4K streaming from both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.


4K Blu-ray player | 4K gaming | HDMI input and output

Reasons to Buy
Clean, detailed and immersive 4K image
Bright and punchy HDR
Improved user interface
Bitstream audio support
Reasons to Avoid
Picture and sound can be bettered for less money
Some set-up quirks
No 4K pass-through over HDMI
1TB hard drive isn't big enough