CES 2015: Sennheiser unveils new Momentum, sports and wireless headphones

Both Momentum on-ears and over-ears are getting a style refresh, with a new foldable design to help make them more portable, and enhanced wearing comfort. Both designs will be available in black and coffee and cream colourways, and will remain the same price at £169.99 and £269.99 respectively

Joining the range for the first time are wireless versions of both the on-ear (£289.99) and over-ear (£379.99) styles, both packing NFC technology, NoiseGard active noise cancellation technology and a 22 hour battery life. They also keep the new foldable design as well, and look almost identical apart for a black Sennheiser logo on the earcup - it's silver on the originals.

The Urbanite range is getting a wireless addition too, with the launch of the new Urbanite XL Wireless (£249.99). Using Bluetooth 4.0, the XL Wireless offers the ability to pair with up to eight devices. It also features a touch panel on the right ear cup that allows users to control volume, playback and calls with the optional inline mic by tapping or swiping on its surface.

From l-r: MX 686 Sport, PMX 686 Sport, CX 686 Sport, OCX 686 Sport

From l-r: MX 686 Sport, PMX 686 Sport, CX 686 Sport, OCX 686 Sport

Sennheiser's new sports in-ear headphone range is made up of four different water-resistant designs, with different fits to suit your preference.

The MX 686 Sports (£49.99) and PMX 686 Sports (£79.99) feature open acoustics for a better awareness of external sounds, offering an in-ear hook and complete headband design respectively, while the CX 686 Sports (£49.99) and the OCX 686 Sports (£79.99, with over-ear hooks) are closed ear canal designs to shield out noise distractions in environments like a gym.

From l-r: RS 165, RS 175, RS 185, RS 195

From l-r: RS 165, RS 175, RS 185, RS 195

Finally, Sennheiser introduced a brand new RS line of digital wireless headphones, with four designs up for grabs, each using Sennheiser's proprietary wireless link technology for reliable connectivity, with a bass unit provided for charging.

The RS 165 (£179.99) is the entry-level model offering optional bass boost, while the RS 175 (£229.99) is the one to go for if you're a movie fan, with a choice of surround sound modes and switchable dynamic bass.

More dedicated to a hi-fi listening experience is the RS 185 (£299.99), which is the only design in the range to be open back and offers a manual input level for totally unaltered sound.

Lastly, the the RS 195 (£349.99) addresses those with specific personal hearing needs, packing dedicated pre-sets and modes that can increase speech intelligibility and tailor the sound to the user’s preferences.

All ranges are available now.

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