Cambridge Audio's Award-winning CX61 and CX81 amps are on sale ahead of Black Friday

Need a new stereo amp? Cambridge Audio's Award-winning CX61 and CX81 are on sale ahead of Black Friday
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Had your eye on a new stereo amp? Black Friday has already thrown up some big discounts on a couple of 2022 What Hi-Fi? Award-winners...

The new Cambridge Audio CXA81 (80W per channel) sets a new baseline for integrated amps at its price. Save £100 / $200 – now reduced to £999 / $1299 (opens in new tab).

The new CXA61 (60W per channel) delivers a performance that similarly-priced rivals struggle to match. Save £50 / $100 – now down to only £699 / $999 (opens in new tab).

The deals are available now at Amazon, Cambridge Audio and specialist hi-fi retailers. Both products are tried and true Award-winners, so don't hesitate.

Cambridge Audio Black Friday hi-fi deals

UK: CXA81 was (opens in new tab)

UK: CXA81 was £1099 now £999 at Amazon (save £100) (opens in new tab)
was $1499 now $1299 at Amazon (save $200) (opens in new tab)
Class leaders are constantly being replaced in hi-fi, but rarely is it done so soundly as by Cambridge Audio’s Award-winning CXA81 integrated amp (80W per channel). Now with an extra saving, it's a no-brainer.

UK: CXA61 was (opens in new tab)

UK: CXA61 was £749 now £699 at Amazon (save £50) (opens in new tab)
was $1099 now $999 at Amazon (save $100) (opens in new tab)
The latest iteration of the CXA61 (60W per channel) is pricier than the previous model, but it delivers a combination of sonic ability, features and build quality that even the finest rivals struggle to match. No wonder it's a multiple What Hi-Fi? Award-winner.

The CXA81’s four-star predecessor wasn’t exactly in need of a ground-up reconstruction, but it didn’t stand so tall above hugely talented competitors in terms of features, design or sonic performance as the new model (which, for the avoidance of doubt, is the one that is now discounted by £100 / $200 (opens in new tab)).

Clarity and richness are the order of the day. Indeed, our testers found the new CXA81 to be powerful and weighty in the low end, but lean and agile enough to dance around with the most excitable bass lines. The treble is left plenty of headroom without sharpness or rough edges, too.

If you want to spend less, the CXA61 – now down to £699 / $999 (opens in new tab) – is a fabulous option. It justifies its price premium over rivals such as the Audiolab 6000ARega Brio and Marantz PM6007 with a combination of solid build quality and excellent sound. Few rivals have the resolution to challenge the CXA6; it digs up low-level details with ease and renders them with care and conviction.

If you're already sick of Black Friday, or are simply suspicious of the quality of much of the 'deals' on offer, Cambridge's cut-price Award winners should restore your faith in the retail industry.


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  • Guy4510
    No problem with the price or the product but they are only technically available in the UK at Richer Sounds, or from Cambridge Audio via Amazon, it's ultimately an in-house brand for them, again, no problem with that but full disclosure and all that...
  • Hifiman
    A sign of the times that the sale price for these just takes them back to their launch RRP.
  • Gray
    Hifiman said:
    A sign of the times that the sale price for these just takes them back to their launch RRP.
    You're so right.
    Very much a (depressing) sign of the times.