This is the Sony wireless earbuds Black Friday deal I'm recommending to friends

Sony WF-C500
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"Oh cool, can you tell me what headphones I should buy? I want a really good pair, what's the best one to get? It has to have really good sound – but I don't want to pay over £50, that's too much."

I have this conversation every time someone finds out I review audio products for a living. Especially headphones.

Normally I sigh at the parameters given and how little they're willing to spend on a really good pair of headphones or earbuds – which are usually upwards of £100 once you add up all the latest tech; not to mention better build quality and better sound simply cost more for the materials and expertise used to tune the performance.

I try to explain all this, but my friends grumble that surely those £20 headphones they saw at HMV (or elsewhere) are good enough and why does that Sony/Bose/Grado/Sennheiser cost so much when <insert budget brand> costs half the price (or even less)?

Well, you're in luck Sandy (not my neighbour's real name), because for once I can heartily recommend a pair of earbuds that's under £50.

was £90

Sony WF-C500 was £90 now £49 at Amazon (save £41)
Boasting impressive musicality and excellent levels of detail and insight, these comfortable, sporty earbuds are well worth even their non-discounted price. The WF-C500 feature 20 hours of battery life, IPX4 splash resistance and Bluetooth 5.0, and are available in black, white, orange and mint. 
What Hi-Fi? Award winner
Deal also at John Lewis

Sony has been playing a blinder this Black Friday with superb headphones deals across its range. And while most of team What Hi-Fi? has been eyeing up the excellent deals on the flagship XM4 earbuds and XM5 over-ears, it's the ultra-budget Sony WF-C500 true wireless earbuds that's really got me excited.

These are cheap and cheerful Bluetooth earbuds, have no ANC, last for a long 20 hours, come in bright, candy-coloured finishes (minty green and peachy orange) and deliver bona fide great sound quality. And now they're just £49 at Amazon.

We originally tested them at £89, and that they could sound so good under the £100 mark was admirable. We liked them so much they're our current budget Best Buy winner - no mean feat.

At their new lowest price of £49, they're even more of a steal. Sony brings its considerable expertise in flagship earbuds into a stocking filler of a bud that's hugely appealing – it makes it such an easy thing to recommend to anyone.

See, Sandy (no really, that's not her name) – here are your amazing buds that look good, sound good, fit comfortably and are easy to use. You can even wear them on your daily run. Have I mentioned they're under £50?


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