Save £30 on Amazon Echo and £10 on Echo Dot in Black Friday sale


It's Black Friday! And to celebrate, Amazon has slashed the price on two of its hottest products – the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

The Echo can now be yours for just £119.99 – that's down from £149.99. And the Echo Dot? It's now £39.99, a tenner off its usual RRP.

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To mark the sale, staff at Amazon's fulfilment centre in Peterborough made a Christmas tree out of boxed Echos... as you do.

Echo is a wireless speaker that comes with Amazon Alexa built in. This is Amazon's personal assistant – think Google Assistant, Siri or Microsoft's Cortana, but inside a speaker instead of a smartphone. It can answer questions, read you the news, weather and traffic reports, and play songs – all you have to do is ask.

It can also control your smart home, providing you have a smart home, that is. Just by speaking, you can make Alexa turn on the lights, adjust the temperature, and even start your car and have it warm it up for you while you wait in the warm confines of the kitchen.

Cold winter mornings? What cold winter mornings?

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The Echo Dot, meanwhile, is the Echo's smaller, cheaper cousin. It has the same skills as the Echo, but a lot less oomph in the speaker department. Considering we found the Echo to be a little underwhelming sonically, we wouldn't expect the Dot to sound too great. Take our advice and connect it wirelessly a proper pair of speakers.

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