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Connecting headphones to Amplifier speaker output?

I recently inherited a my dads old hifi set up and I'm really getting into great audio etc Dirol , however my question is: can i connect my Sennheiser cans into the amps 'speaker C output' ?

Is there an output controller or something which i can buy that will lower the power so that i wont break my headphones? or can i make a suitable output controller using resistors to level out the power/Ohms?


The amp is a Pioneer SM-3000 and all the info on it can be found here : http://audio-database.com/PIONEER-EXCLUSIVE/amp/sm-3000-e.html


I realise the best option would probably be a seperate headphone amp but if its possible i would prefer to plug them into my main amp.

Any help would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks


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RE: Connecting headphones to Amplifier speaker output?

Entirely at your own risk etc.


You don't need the switch in this instance as presumably there's no speakers on the C terminals.

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RE: Connecting headphones to Amplifier speaker output?

QED used to make such a box but no more I'm afraid, they do come up on eBay occasionally though. 

An easier option would be to pop to maplin and buy yourself four banana sockets, one stereo jack an ABS box and a couple of 470 ohm 2 watt resistors. Just wire the resistor in series with the headphones and your good to go. 

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