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Naim and Focal serve up super savings on complete systems ahead of Black Friday

Focal Naim system
(Image credit: Focal, Naim)

From now until the end of the year, Naim and Focal are offering five 'all you need' system packages at promotional prices, ranging from £2599 ($3290, AU$5399) to £9999 ($11,990, AU$19,999) and complete with speaker cabling, Qobuz (30-day) and Tidal (90-day) free trials, and five-year warranties. 

So if you're looking to start a serious hi-fi system from scratch or could entertain the idea of a complete system overhaul, the following cut-price packages from Naim and Focal could be just the ticket – and yours in just a few clicks of your mouse, too.

First up is the most compact of them all: the five-star Naim Uniti Atom streaming system is paired with the Focal Chora 806 bookshelf speakers and a 4m pair of NAC A5 speaker cables. Priced £2599 (opens in new tab) ($3290 (opens in new tab), AU$5399 (opens in new tab)) for the lot, that offers around a £500 saving on the individual RRPs.

If you can stretch your budget to £2999 (opens in new tab) ($4290 (opens in new tab), AU$6599 (opens in new tab)), you can upgrade the speakers to the Focal Chora 826 floorstanders (pictured below).

Focal Naim system

(Image credit: Focal, Naim)

Those who want to enter the wonderful world of streaming but without sacrificing their CD collection may be interested in the five-star, CD drive-encompassing Naim Uniti Star streaming system paired with the Focal Aria 926 floorstanders and 4m pair of NAC A5 speaker cables – for £4999 (opens in new tab) ($6990, AU$9999 (opens in new tab)), a saving of over £600.

Spending £6999 (opens in new tab) ($8990, AU$14,999 (opens in new tab)) replaces the Aria 926 with a pair of the Kanta No.1 standmounts from one of Focal's top speaker ranges (pictured top).

And last but by no means least is the formidable pairing of the Naim Uniti Nova – "as complete and convincing an argument for one-box convenience as you’ll hear", we said in our five-star review – with the Kanta No.2 floorstanders and 4m pair of NAC A5 speaker cables. That system is priced £9999 (opens in new tab) ($11,990, AU$19,999 (opens in new tab)), offering roughly a £1500 saving over the typical combined price of the separates.


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