Bristol Show 2015 – news round-up

The Bristol Show has once again returned to the Marriott City Centre Hotel on Lower Castle Street, with the audio visual extravaganza spanning three days from today [Friday 20th] to Sunday 22nd February, 10am-5pm.

And there are plenty of benefits aside from catching a glimpse of the latest tech in action – like the chance to win £10,000 worth of AV kit in the What Hi-Fi? Show Competition.

Show competition prizes include: Epson EH-7200 projector; Roksan K3 amplifier; Chord Hugo DAC; Arcam A19 amp + MiniBlink Bluetooth receiver; Wharfedale Diamond 220 speakers; Rega RP3 turntable with Elys2 cartridge; Clearaudio Concept turntable; Dali Kubik One soundbar; Ruark R1 DAB/FM radio; Tannoy HTS-101 speaker package; Hi-Fi Racks Podium XL kit rack; Atlas Element Integra interconnects; and four DragonFly v1.2 USB DACs.

The show takes place in association with Audio-T, with the What Hi-Fi? team will also be on hand to take your AV questions and offer expert advice.

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What Hi-Fi? demo

Of course, What Hi-Fi? will be running one of our legendary demos once again at the 2015 show. You might have heard of something called Dolby Atmos, but perhaps you're unsure about what it entails or whether it'll add any value to your home cinema system. Well, that's where we can help.

We'll be showcasing this technology in our 2015 Bristol Show demo, bringing Atmos, cinema-quality sound into our specially-created "home" for the duration of the show. Pioneer's SC-LX88 amplifier, the Oppo BDP-105D Blu-ray spinner and a Focal speaker package will be used in our Dolby Atmos demonstration.

You'll also have the chance to test Meridian Audio's new MQA technology as well. We'll have a couple of laptops loaded with MQA tracks and other formats so you can compare the difference, with the Meridian Prime DAC and some high-end headphones hopefully ensuring it's a pretty impressive desktop system.

Head to the What Hi-Fi? stand at the show for your chance to experience these brand new sound technologies, and to (hopefully) get your hi-fi and home cinema questions answered by members of our team.

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Acoustic Research

Bristol is the stage on which Acoustic Research's M2 high-resolution portable music player will have its world launch. The M2 is able to play lossless files direct from solid state memory, and sports a headphone amp that works with "virtually any audiophile headphone". It plays a number of formats, including FLAC, ALAC, DSD64 and DSD128.

Another product that'll be given its first outing in public is the UA1 high-res DAC/headphone amp (pictured) – a portable device that can support lossless files up to 24-bit/192kHz. It features an integrated headphone amp that'll directly drive "virtually any high-end headphones", while there will also be analogue outputs for music playback using any hi-fi or active speakers.

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Arcam's Solo Movie is a one-box movie system that has no qualms handling a range of formats, from Blu-ray to DVD, CD and SACD, as well as aptX Bluetooth streaming and HD audio decoding. One of our Stars of CES 2015, it'll be on show for you to see for yourself.

Bristol is also the setting for the UK launch of Arcam's Solo soundbar and Solo subwoofer, features of which include HDMI (four), optical, coaxial and 3.5mm inputs and HD audio decoding capabilities, as well as aptX Bluetooth streaming.

Astell & Kern

You'll be able to check out the latest portable music players and growing range of headphones from Astell & Kern at the Bristol Show 2015, including the new Layla and Angie headphones.

If that wasn't enough, the AK500N home streaming system – and Star of CES 2015 – will also be demonstrated for your listening pleasure. And there'll be the chance to win an AK100 II too.

Atlas Cables

If you're visiting the Bristol Show this year, Atlas Cables is inviting you to its stand to hear the brand-new Ultra cable in action. The Atlas Ultra is said to have a 57 per cent reduction in mass compared to its predecessor and come with an anodised red finish.

Auden Distribution

Visitors to the Auden Distribution room at the Bristol Show 2015 will be given the chance to see Aria – the high-end network streamer/CD ripper from Spanish brand Digibit – in action. Aria aims to combine a "bit-perfect computer source" and the "convenience and sound quality of high-end audio equipment". The new Aria Mini – a DSD-compatible network streamer with tablet storage – will also be on show.


Take the chance to experience Audeze's range of planar magnetic headphones – including the brand-new EL-8s, which are the company's "entry-level" set of cans and will set you back £600. And in a UK exclusive, Audeze is previewing its first-ever headphone amp with the Deckard.

Meanwhile, if the EL-8s capture your attention, you might be able to win a pair in the company's show prize draw.


One of our Stars of CES 2015 is coming to the Bristol Show for you to experience for yourself at the AudioQuest stand. NightHawk marks the company's first move into the headphones market, making full use of its DAC, phono cartridge and cable experience.

A noticeable feature of the NightHawks is the use of Liquid Wood in the earcups, not to mention the biocellulose driver diaphragm. Meanwhile, the flexible headband has been designed to "efficiently distribute" the weight of these impressive headphones.

Audio Technica

Audio Technica's latest products are coming to the Bristol Show, with the MSR7 headphones and the new high-end in-ear range, featuring both the CKR9 and CKR10 models. Meanwhile, the AT-PHA100 portable headphone amp and DAC is also going to be on show too.

Bowers & Wilkins

Visitors to the Bristol Show 2015 will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the new CM Series of speakers from Bowers & Wilkins. The six-strong range comprises a compact bookshelf model and room-filling floorstanders among others, with two models – the CM10 S2 and the all-new CM6 S2 – featuring tweeter-on-top technology.


The presence of Canton's five-star DM 50 soundbar might not seem like news, but you haven't seen it like this before – a brand-new glass-topped edition. Launched for 2015, it's a fresh new look for this super soundbar and will be on show at Bristol.

Chord Company

One of the largest AV cable specialists in the UK, Chord Company has several new products to share at the Bristol Show 2015 – from Tuned Aray interconnects that include the entry-level C-line to more advanced cables.

The company will also be showing off its new £500 Signature Aray power cable for the first time at the Sound & Vision Show, along with the Anthem Tuned Aray (£450/metre) and Signature Tuned Aray (£750/metre) streaming cables.

Chord Electronics

After a first outing at CES 2015, Chord Electronics introduces its new Hugo TT DAC/headphone amp and 2Qute DAC to Bristol Show-goers – the latter one of our Stars of CES. Meanwhile, you'll also get the chance to see the company's CPM2800 MK II digital integrated amplifier.

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Computer Audio Design

Computer Audio Design is teaming up with Harbeth (see below) this year, with the CAD 1543 DAC and CAD CAT connected by the CAD Cable to Harbeth's Super HL5plus speakers.


Creaktiv has expanded its Trend product line with two additional finishes – High Gloss White and Black. It takes the total number of finishes to six, with three standard and three premium finishes on offer.

Creek Audio

Creek Audio is among the companies showing off its latest wares at the Bristol Show 2015, with its Evolution 100A Class G integrated amplifier and Ruby multi-input DAC both set to be debutants. The Evolution 100A has all the upgrade paths as its smaller brother (the 50A), but comes with over 120W into 8 ohm loads. Meanwhile, the Ruby boasts a Bluetooth receiver and more.


Cyrus comes to the Bristol Show 2015 with the promise of two exciting events planned, including the launch of a brand-new audio system that won't be previewed before the morning of the show. Meanwhile, the company will also be showcasing its high-end Cyrus Stereo 200 power amplifier and Stream XP Qx streamer.

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Dynamique Audio

A new range of pure silver and silver-plated copper headphone cables for Sennheiser, Audeze and more will be unveiled by Dynamique Audio, including Cyclone – the silver-plated copper design that features FEP Teflon insulation.


Dynaudio will be bringing its Focus XD range of loudspeakers to Bristol. These new speakers feature a digital amplifier which accepts high-resolution 24-bit/192kHz signals. The signal is converted to analogue at the very last moment. Dynaudio says the new range doesn't just redefine the hi-fi speaker, it "redefines the hi-fi system itself".

The Focus XD series comprises the compact 200 and floor-standing 400 and 600 models, each of which is described as a "fully digital active speaker" that connects directly to a digital source – from CD players to computers and more. And the company also says that its latest digital amplifier technology means the signal won't be turned into sound until it's at the drivers:l" the latest possible and most ideal moment".


Eclipse's TD-M1 active speaker is going to be on show at the Bristol Show, while the company says it'll also be showcasing high-performance 2.1 audio playback using a "very special system" using its proprietary Time Domain loudspeakers.


Elac is unveiling its new range of on-wall speakers at the Bristol Show, featuring the Jet 5 tweeter and AS-XR mid/bass drivers. This range has been designed to offer all the performance you'd be looking for from a conventional speaker, but on the wall instead.

The Elac Sub 2070 has two woofers in push-push/pul-pull configuration and a 600W amplifier to generate "enormously expressive and crisp bass". And the Android/iOS subwoofer app provides full control from wherever you are listening from in the room.


Entotem was founded in 2013 with the aim of developing a multimedia home entertainment system integrating high-resolution audio amplification and high definition video. At the Bristol Show 2015, the company unveils Plato – a system that it believes does just that, supported by the Android OS. It combines analogue and digital playback, with high-res recording capabilities up to 24-bit/192kHz. It'll also offer video streaming to your TV and audio via a home network.

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Epos Acoustics

Epos Acoustics introduces the new K3 floorstanding passive loudspeaker and Active-K upgrade solution for the K-Series, both of which will be on demonstration at the Bristol Show 2015. The K3 is the largest floorstanding model within the K-Series, while the Active-K solution is being developed in partnership with Creek Audio.


Exposure is showcasing the fourth edition of its flagship integrated amplifier in the form of the new 3010S2-D. It features AV direct and optional digital inputs, with the company aiming to offer "high-end audio at mid-range prices".

Like its predecessor, there are six line level inputs – but one of these is now a direct AV input that'll let you hook up a surround sound system. And you can also fit an optional plug-in DAC board if you want to support 24-bit/192kHz PCM and DSD 64 audio.

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Flamingo Audio

Flamingo Audio is showcasing the Aeolos Plus and Aeolos Super Plus stereo integrated valve amps from Tsakiridis Devices. The Aeolos Plus boasts a power output of 45W per channel, with the Aeolos Super Plus delivering 60W per channel by comparison. You can see both for yourself.


British loudspeaker brand Harbeth plans the first UK show audition of its latest model, with the Super HL5plus being demonstrated in Room 232 and its P3ESR mini monitor in Room 234 next door.

Heed Audio

Centre stage in the Heed Audio room will be its new Thesis range of hi-fi electronics, comprising a preamp, power amp, power supply and phono preamp.

The Thesis preamp has a twin capacitor-coupled output stage for connection to two sets of power amps, and also comes fitted with two analogue, coaxial, optical, USB and BNC digital inputs. It's designed to work with the Heed Thesis monobloc, rated at 160W, which uses AC (rather than DC) coupling to produce "amore natural and less cropped decay of tones within the music".

Heed says the Thesis twin power supply can feed the matching preamp and MM/MC phono stage simultaneously. There's a full test of the Heed Audio Thesis system in the March 2015 issue of What Hi-Fi?, on sale from March 11th.

In addition to the Thesis range of electronics, there's another new launch planned by Heed down at Bristol and that's the Envoy loudspeaker: the newest member of its line of non-directional high-performance speakers.

The floorstanding Envoy is described as a big brother to the Heed Enigma speakers, with a pair of 170mm bass/mid drivers and a tweeter. The manufacturer's own transmission line reflex (TMR) technology is also present in the Envoys.

Hi Fi Racks

New products are being promised by Hi Fi Racks at the Bristol Show, but details remain scarce at the present time. "All we're saying at this stage," says MD Bradley Walters, "is that we're launching a new range of hi-fi racks and audio-visual stands." It seems you'll have to pay them a visit if you want to see the new products in all their glory.

IFI Audio

A number of IFI Audio products are being demonstrated at the Bristol Show 2015, including its entire range of portable DACs and headphone amps. You'll have the chance to try the new iDSD Micro, the portable DAC that offers 4000mW of power.

In addition, the company will be showcasing the Retro Stereo 50 (pictured) – a 25W per channel valve amplifier with a built-in DAC and phono stage, headphone amp and speakers. It takes its cues from the Marantz 7, Leak Stereo 20 and BBC LS3/5a, with its micro iDSD capable of Octa-Speed DSD512 and PCM 768kHz playback. USB and SPDIF inputs are on hand, as well as Bluetooth aptX connectivity.


IsoTek has expanded its entry-level Discovery range after it introduced its Evo3 Venus AV power centre – a five-outlet mains conditioner that's designed to "enhance and protect" a complete hi-fi or home cinema set-up.

According to IsoTek, mains power is distorted by – and gathers noise from – a multitude of factors that restrict the performance of your equipment. And the company claims computers and wireless networks are making it more likely your mains supply is "polluted".

JL Audio

2015 sees the unveiling of JL Audio's new active subwoofer crossover: the CR-1. The company says it acts as an audiophile-grade "bridge" that will connect a two-channel audio system with a powered subwoofer system. It's built around precision Linkwitz-Riley low-pass and high-pass filters and comes with a pair of rotary controls to adjust the damping of each filter bank.

A new pair of powered subwoofers – the Dominion Series (pictured) – is also being introduced by JL Audio, coming with the promise of delivering "unprecedented levels of subwoofer performance at prices well within the reach of any serious audio enthusiast" and incorporating a purpose-engineered, long excursion driver that's built on JL Audio's exclusive DMA motor optimisation technology.


You'll be able to take a closer look at JVC's projectors at the Bristol Show, with the range making use of three sixth-generation JVC D-ILA imaging devices that has a pixel gap 40 per cent narrower than the previous chip. An adjustable Intelligent Lens Aperture is also a feature of the projectors.


KEF will be showcasing Dolby Atmos sound technology with a Reference-series Atmos speaker series that's driven by an Onkyo TX-NR3030. It'll be a 7.2.4 AV system built using products from KEF's R Series – the R50 Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers joining the R700 floorstander, R300 bookshelf model, R600c centre speaker and R400b subwoofer

Taking up residence in the Concorde Suites, it'll also be displaying its LS50 mini-monitors in a High Glass Piano White finish. A blue Uni-Q driver is also a feature of these speakers, which have been inspired by the LS3/5As.

Meanwhile, you can experience the KEF Blade Two. The Blade was the world's first single apparent source speaker and is now joined by the Blade Two. It incorporates the same acoustic design philosophy and advanced driver technology, but it's slightly smaller – a more UK room-friendly size, as KEF puts it.

Keith Monks

You'll receive a fair few perks if you purchase a ticket to the Bristol Show 2015, but Keith Monks has another to offer you – the chance to have one of your records cleaned free of charge by Jon Monks, the Record Doctor (subject to time and demand) using the Keith Monks record cleaning machine.

Kudos Audio

Kudos Audio has announced the introduction of three new speakers at the Bristol Show 2015, including the Titan 808 floorstander – the successor to the Titan 88 as the company's flagship.

It has been working with Linn to develop Exakt support for the three speakers, which aims to deliver a "wide range of performance- and personalisation-enhancing capabilities".

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Leema Acoustics

When former BBC sound engineers turn hi-fi craftspeople, the result is Leema Acoustics. And Bristol provides the fledgling company with the chance to showcase the flagship Libra DAC for the first time in the UK.

Mass Fidelity

The latest product from Mass Fidelity comes in the form of The Core, a wireless speaker system that uses "acoustic holography technology" to produce a stereo sound field it claims to be "astonishing in size and sound quality".

In addition to the UK launch of the new and exciting Mass Fidelity Core Wireless Speaker System, the Core Sub Wireless Sub Woofer is due to be previewed at the show.

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Melco is the brand-new audiophile brand from Buffalo Technology and will be coming to Bristol with the aim of showcasing its N1Z and N1A digital music libraries – the "first audiophile storage solution" for digital music files, the brand claims.

Musical Fidelity

Musical Fidelity has confirmed that it will be demonstrating the Nu-Vista 800 integrated amplifier with the new DSD MXDAC and M6SCD CD player at this year's Bristol Show, not to mention its Merlin system and Roundatable record player. There will also be an appearance from the MX HPA headphone amp, which represents decades of experience in the industry and aims to deliver the same performance into headphones as the Titan has for loudspeakers.

Naim Audio

After being shown off to audiences around the world in 2014, Naim Audio is bringing its Statement to Bristol once again. In addition, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the Award-winning mu-so wireless speaker in action.


Onkyo was the first manufacturer to deliver Dolby Atmos-equipped receivers and it'll be in Bristol to demonstrate the next generation of home cinema. In its adjacent room, it'll be giving a debut to the UK-tuned A-9010 budget stereo integrated amp (pictured above) and CP-1050 turntable.

Meanwhile, you'll also be able to experience Onkyo Music – the new high-resolution download service.


A new range of Optoma audio products are going on show at Bristol, coming after the company acquired US manufacturer Nu Force. Visitors will have the chance to see the GT1080 short throw projector in action, along with the DDA120 integrated digital amplifier and the uDAC23 USB digital-to-analogue converter. You'll also be able to see Optoma's new 3D glasses - the ZF2300 active 3D glasses that sync with any Optoma Full HD projector with a 3D-sync port by using a radio frequency signal and the ZD302s, which use DLP Link active shutter technology to automatically sync with what's on screen.


We first heard about Paradigm's Prestige Series of loudspeakers late last year, but the Bristol Show is going to give us a chance to see them in the flesh.


You will be able to hear Parasound products including the flagship Halo range, the A21 stereo power amplifier, the recently announced Halo Integrated amp, the ‘Hint’, and the Parasound Zdac v.2 at the Bristol Show.

The kit will be on demonstration in the Heed Audio room (room 322) as the companies now share the same UK distributor.

Peachtree Audio

Peachtree Audio's new deepblue2 Bluetooth speaker is designed to combine the convenience of an all-in-one device with the range and dynamic sound of a traditional hi-fi system. It's compatible with a range of Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless streaming.

MORE: Peachtree Audio's Deepblue2 Bluetooth speaker available 1st April


PMC has come to the Bristol Show 2015 with a new addition to its Twenty series of loudspeakers, an unveiling you'll surely want to find out more about given the company's track record of five-star reviews when it comes to the Twenty range. It's been billed as a "true audiophile treat" and comes in the form of the Twenty Sub - an all-new subwoofer.

MORE: PMC expands Twenty series with new subwoofer


ProAc arrives in Bristol in 2015 with its new Studio models, including the Studio 118 stand-mount (£1075) and Studio 148 "columnar design" floorstander (£1690). Not only that, but the company will be showing off its new silk white finish that complements the existing wood finish options. A number of ProAc models will be made available in this silk white finish over the next few months – starting with the £2650 Response D20R floorstander (pictured).


The Bristol Show 2015 will provide a stage on which Pro-Ject will introduce the latest version of its 2 Xperience turntable, which incorporates a number of performance upgrades on its predecessor.

The 2 Xperience SB is based on the same design as the previous incarnation of this turntable, with the same plinth and vinyl-topped sandwich platter among its many features. Pro-Ject says this style of platter design ensures "a completely stable and reliable platform on which to place your records".

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Q Acoustics

The Award-winning speaker maker teased us with hints that it will continue to "redefine the possible" with its next product launch, and that has now come courtesy of its new 3000 Series speakers.

MORE: Q Acoustics launches new 3000 Series speakers


Qobuz is the online music service that offers 16-bit/44.1kHz, CD-quality sound across all its apps – and even offline too. It now offers subscriptions such as Qobuz Hi-Fi direct through its web browser or from its WebPlayer. Meanwhile, new apps for iOS and Android have been unveiled too.


Quad is into its 79th year and is celebrating with the launch of a brand-new loudspeaker range – the S Series. The new line is due to launch this spring and will have its exclusive reveal down at the Bristol Show.

The S Series incorporates a specially-designed ribbon tweeter and consists of two stand-mounts, two floorstanders and a centre speaker for multi-channel systems. Prices are expected to start at £600 per pair and you can be among the first anywhere to hear them in action.

Not that Quad is done just yet – there will be a world exclusive preview of two components from a brand-new range of electronics that will be making its debut this autumn. But that's all we're able to tell you – you'll have to visit Quad for more at the show.

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RedSpark Music

RedSpark Music is making its first appearance at a Bristol Show this year and is offering you the chance to buy from a wide range of vinyl remasters and high-res formats from major labels. Vinyl formats include heavyweight 180g and 200g releases, plus 33 and 45 rpm re-releases of some classic titles. SACD and DVD-A formats will also be on offer.


Rega is using the Bristol Show 2015 to unveil a prototype of its new RX loudspeakers, the first look of a brand-new range due for release later this year. It's a world first, so don't miss it! In addition, the new Apheta 2 moving coil cartridge (pictured) will be on show.

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REL arrives in Bristol fresh from its showing at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, and with it comes the new S212se – described as the "widely anticipated step up for the S5" subwoofer. It features two super alloy forward facing active drivers, as well as a passive downward facing radiator unit and passive rear facing unit.

MORE: Bristol Show 2015: REL unveils 212SE subwoofer

Ruark Audio

Ruark has announced the launch of a new multi-room version of its R2 music system at the Bristol Show, with this upgrade marking the first time the company has ventured into the expanding world of multi-room audio. And, with it, Ruark is hoping to serve up something a little different from its main competitors.

MORE: Ruark Audio unveils multi-room R2 system

Sonic Concept

Sonic Concept is a new UK company based in Kent. It started out redefining speakers that had been produced by O’hEocha Design and is now coming to Bristol with two speaker types – a stand-mount and floorstanding model, both featuring a 0.75in tweeter and 5.25in woofers.

The company is also unveiling the first in its proposed range of electronics – an integrated amplifier and a DAC. The input amp is designed around two monoblock amps powered separately providing 150W RMS into 8 ohms. The DAC is based on the Sabre chipset and includes Bluetooth capability.

MORE: Sonic Concept to launch 'Modern British Audio Company' hi-fi brand


The Sonneteer Orton MK IV is going to be on show at the Bristol Show 2015, with the latest version of the integrated amplifier incorporating a number of aesthetic and electronic upgrades – including an internal rechargeable battery and an LED torch light to help you wire up the rear of the device.

A dual mono power supply configuration is used to give each channel its own, independent power source. And a separate power supply has been provided for all its control circuitry. Meanwhile, the remote control handset is now made from fully-machined aluminium and stainless steel.


The new Spendor A5R loudspeaker is to be given an airing at the Bristol Show 2015. It makes use of technology developed for the D-line and Award-winning A6Rs to set itself as the "ultimate room-friendly floorstander". Not only that, but you'll also get to see the Special Edition Vintage version of Spendor's Classic loudspeakers at the show.

MORE: Spendor's new A5R floorstanders make some noise


SSC has launched the Record Point, a dedicated record weight/clamp upgrade designed for most turntables. It aims to deliver a "more solid, deeper sound" from your records and "take playback performance to another level". It will be given its first UK outing at the Bristol Show.


Sygnifi is unveiling a flagship addition to its NOVAFIDELITY X-Series of CD-ripper, streaming and music server devices at the Bristol Show 2015 and it comes in the form of the NOVAFIDELITY X40. This "pure source device" offers native DSD, DXD and PCM support up to 32-bit/192kHz, with ESS' Sabre32 Reference DAC among its components.

MORE: Sygnifi to launch NovaFidelity X40 CD ripper/streamer


Tannoy is taking the opportunity to unveil what it calls "its most exciting new product line up in recent years" at the Bristol Show 2015, with the new Revolution XT series set to capture attention.

The new speaker range sees the introduction of a new Dual Concentric driver, with prices starting at £599 for the XT6 F bookshelf model. The XT 8F floorstander, meanwhile, is priced at £1299.


If you want to get up close and personal with Teac's new Reference range of micro separates – including the 'baby' AI-101DA integrated amplifier with USB DAC – the Bristol Show will be for you. The Reference 101 series is even smaller than its 301 and 501 siblings, with the AI-101DA housed in an aluminium unit measuring the size of a book.


You might have heard that Technics is back – and the good news is that it'll be coming to the Bristol Show 2015, which will mean that visitors will be among the first in the UK to hear the first tranche of Technics hi-fi kit for six years.

Two series of products will be put on show – the R1 reference-class system and the premium-class C700 system (pictured), both of which are based on the Technics Definitive Sound concept and are designed to deliver a high-resolution audio experience.

Trinnov Audio

Trinnov Audio is demonstrating the Amethyst, its high-end stereo flagship that combines an 11-source preamplifier with built-in room/speaker optimiser. The company's HybriD phono preamp, a network renderer, a 24-bit/192kHz DAC and two-way intelligent active crossovers engine also feature. Meanwhile, built-in wi-fi connectivity is also provided.

Unison Research

Unison Research has signed a new UK distribution agreement with Henley Designs and, as a result, will see its full Valve and hybrid Unico series showcased at the Bristol Show 2015 – products that will include the Triode 25 amplifier.

Wilson Benesch

Wilson Benesch returns to the Bristol showfloor in 2015 with a trio of products that launched last year to mark the company's 25th anniversary. That includes the Endeavour loudspeaker (above), which is making a "very special" UK exhibition debut in an hour-long live demo each day from 2pm.

Endeavour will be showcased with CH Precisions A1 amplifier and C1 DA controller/streamer after Wilson Benesch became official UK distributor to the Swiss electronics designer. Other products to go on show include the Square Five loudspeaker and Circle 25 turntable.


Get up close and personal with a What Hi-Fi? Award winner at the Bristol Show 2015 as Yamaha showcases its YSP-2500 soundbar – Best soundbar £600+, Awards 2014. The company says it's the first time a soundbar has been equipped with its CinemaDSP technology.

In addition to that soundbar, Yamaha will be demonstrating its 37-strong wireless audio product range – encompassing an AV receiver, a micro system and networked hi-fi separates, plus much more besides. Yamaha can be found in SS Great Britain 1 at this year's show.

And that's not all...

With more than 180 confirmed exhibitors at last count, above gives you just a little taster of what you can expect from the Bristol Show 2015. And there are plenty more companies coming to the show with a huge amount of products to demonstrate before your very eyes. A full list of exhibitors can be found here, but here's some of the others you can expect to see:

  • Acoustic Energy
  • Air Audio
  • Alpha Design Labs
  • Apollo
  • Aria
  • Art Vinyl
  • Bricasti Designs
  • Bryston
  • Dali
  • Devialet
  • Epson
  • Focal
  • Grado
  • IAG
  • IsoTek
  • LH Labs
  • Light Harmonic
  • Michell Engineering
  • Ming Da Valve Audio UK
  • Monitor Audio
  • Neat Acoustics
  • Novafidelity
  • Pioneer
  • QED
  • Roksan
  • Sony
  • Supra Cables
  • TAD
  • Townshend Audio
  • van den Hul
  • Vivac
  • Wharfedale

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