We first saw Mass Fidelity's new Wireless Speaker System at CES in Las Vegas. It's now received its UK debut at the Sound & Vision Show.

The Core features five custom-designed drivers, assembled in three arrays, and boasts "120 watts of digital power".

It can be used as part of a wireless multi-room system with several other Core speakers and, much like Sonos, creates its own wireless mesh network between the products, meaning users don’t need need to rely on a wireless network.

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Mass Fidelity says the Core is different to other small speakers in the fact it uses a range of DSP technology and "acoustic rendering algorithms" in order to deliver what it claims is a "huge stereo sound image".

Other technology includes "Wave Field Synthesis", which claims to eliminate the traditional sweet spot and sound great wherever you are in relation to the speaker.

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Absolute Bass Technology (ABT) has been used in an attempt to give the Core the best in low frequency performance, while there's also the option of a wireless subwoofer: the Core Wireless Sub, for £350. Connect a sub and the Core speaker will adjust its sound accordingly, letting the subwoofer take care of bass duties.

The Core Speaker System sought funding through Indiegogo, and quickly received its full funding. It’s now available to pre-order for $449, with a release date set for June 1st.