Bristol Show 2015: Spendor's new A5R floorstanders make some noise

The new A5R is a 2.5-way floorstander. It is compact, and designed to squeeze into smaller rooms. Its claimed party trick is room-friendliness: sound performance promises to be almost independent of room placement.

To make the A5Rs, Spendor has applied technology from its D-line of speakers. Both drivers feature cast magnesium alloy chassis, high-efficiency motor systems, and optimised electro-dynamic damping.

The 15cm mid-bass driver is made of EP77 polymer, while the 15cm bass driver features a two-part bonded Kevlar composite cone. High frequencies are handled by a 22mm tweeter made with a polyamide textile. Its acoustic output is phase and time-aligned with the mid-bass driver, which aims to create a wide listening position.

Five finishes are available: veneer of light oak, dark walnut, black ash and, cherry, as well as satin white lacquer. The retail price is £1995 for veneer finishes, while the white lacquer costs £2195. And here are some numbers:

Sensitivity - 87dB

Nominal impedance - 6ohms

Weight - 15kg

Dimensions (mm) - 825 (H) x 165 (w) x 250 (d)

The new A5R is available now.