B&W launches new CM S2 series speakers

The new CM range has the upgraded "decoupled dome tweeter", first seen in the original B&W CM10 speakers launched last year. For the first time, the entire CM Series features this tweeter, which use a thin aluminium dome surrounded by a thicker aluminium ring in an effort to be light but rigid; ideal for a tweeter. The decoupled aspect is thanks to a ring of gel that separates the assembly from the cabinet. B&W claims this will "improve dispersion and imaging for an even more natural, spacious treble".

To keep one step ahead of their new siblings, the CM10 S2 and the all-new CM6 S2 add "tweeter-on-top technology", as seen on the iconic 800 Series Diamond speaker. Again, this isolates the tweeter from the rest of the speaker in an effort to improve dispersion and imaging.

Across the range B&W has made a host of changes in an effort to improve sound quality. There are new Mundorf capacitors and anti-resonance dustcaps across all mid/bass drivers. The real wood cabinets are present and correct but fixings are no longer visible, while there are new, "acoustically-optimised" tweeter grilles.

The new CM Series sits between the 800 Series Diamond speakers and the new 600 Series, and will go on sale next month (September).

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Floorstanding speakers

The top-of-the-range CM10 S2 floorstanding speaker is priced at £2999 per pair and sports three 16.5cm bass drivers, a decoupled FST midrange driver and the new decoupled dome tweeter.

The CM9 S2 and CM8 S2 are the two remaining floorstanding speakers in the range, priced at £1999 and £1499 per pair respectively. Both feature decoupled double dome tweeters, FST midrange drivers and two bass drivers. The new CM8 sports a slimmer profile in an effort to fit a wider range of rooms.

Standmount speakers

The top-of-the-range standmount speaker in the range is the new CM6 S2 (above), which sport a single 16.5cm bass driver plus the tweeter-on-top design. The CM6 S2 is priced at £1499 per pair.

The CM5 S2 and CM1 S2 are the range’s two other standmount speakers, priced at £949 and £649 respectively. Both models have the decoupled double dome tweeter.

Centre channels, sub and stands

Also new are two centre channels, a sub and a set of stands. The CM Centre S2 and CM Centre 2 S2 (a touch confusing...) also use the new decoupled dome tweeters while the CM Centre 2 S2 has an FST midrange driver plus a pair of symmetrically arranged bass drivers.

The ASW10CM S2 subwoofer features a 10in drive unit paper/Kevlar driver driven by a 500W Class D amplifier.

Completing the range is the new FS-CM S2 stand, which B&W claims has an improved finish to make a suitable partner in terms of design and performance for the new CM speakers.

All the new CM Series speakers are available in gloss black, rosenut and satin white finishes, except the ASW10CM S2, which is available in gloss black and satin white. The FS-CM stand is available in black and silver finishes.

Look out for our review of the new B&W CM6 S2 speakers coming soon.

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