Q Acoustics launches new 3000 Series speakers

We've had a sneak preview of the new models, which will sit alongside the current 2000 Series which continues in production throughout 2015.

In typically ebullient style, Q Acoustics' PR Manager Steve Reichert says of the new 3000 range: "Our aim was to make the best loudspeakers on the planet - for the money. We are moving the goalposts again. There is no area of the 3020's performance that has not been improved over the 2020i."

The same team that created the successful Q Acoustics 1000, 2000 and Concept 20 Series has been involved in the development of the new 3000 models. "We have learnt a lot from the Concept 20 Series," says Reichert.

"There's a much thicker baffle on the 3020 (24mm) and we have used an improved paper/Aramid fibre for the cone material, as well as upgrading the components on the crossover."

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Q Acoustics 3020 finished in optional black leather

Q Acoustics 3020 finished in optional black leather

Interestingly, the 3010 and 3020 models lose the biwire speaker terminals seen on the 2000 Series. "Very few people biwire their speakers at this price level and biwire terminals create a bigger hole in the cabinet, which causes sound problems and reduces the cabinet volume," explains Reichert. Only the 3050 floorstanding speakers get biwire terminals.

A 21mm dome and ring tweeter gives "better dispersion and lower distortion".

Q Acoustics 3050 floorstander in white gloss

Q Acoustics 3050 floorstander in white gloss

The 3000 Series is available in five finishes: matte graphite, American walnut, gloss black, gloss white and black leather. Prices are as follows:

3010 standmounter £140 (£180 for leather or gloss)

3020 standmounter £190 (£250 leather/gloss)

3050 floorstander £500 (£650 leather/gloss)

3070S subwoofer £290/£380

3090C centre £130/£160

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Q Acoustics 3000 series. Left to right: the 3010, 3050, and 3020

Q Acoustics 3000 series. Left to right: the 3010, 3050, and 3020
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