Black Friday isn't over – Sony noise-cancelling headphones drop to just £69

Black Friday isn't over – Sony noise-cancelling headphones drop to just £69
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While the popular Sony XM4 and XM5 are both enjoying Black Friday headphones deals right now (see below), their discounted prices are still over £200 – not cheap by any means. If your budget isn't that much – or even half that much – then boy do we have the deal for you: £61 off the Sony WH-CH710N.

These mid-range Sony wireless noise-cancelling over-ear headphones are at their lowest-ever price of £69 thanks to a 46 per cent discount, making them somewhat of a Sony special. No, they won't sound as good as their flagship XM siblings, but if they are anything like their predecessors (which, considering Sony's consistency, they should be), they will make for great alternatives for those on tighter budgets.

Sony WH-CH710N  £130

Sony WH-CH710N £130 £69 at John Lewis (save £61)
Can't afford the premium Sony WH-1000XM4 or XM5? We haven't tested the WH-CH710N, but they promise an upgrade over their predecessors, which we liked for their detailed, musical performance and great battery life. These promise to offer a step up, and considering Sony's consistency in the headphones market, we expect they deliver on that too. Deal also at Amazon and Argos.

We haven't reviewed this particular model, but we have reviewed their predecessors, the very similar Sony WH-CH700N, and we liked them very much, awarding them four out of five stars in our review.

The 700N were more affordable than Sony's more premium WH-1000XM4 and XM5 and didn't have the same level of performance, but they still put in a detailed, musical performance. And the WH-CH710N should be an upgrade on the 700N. 

They boast Sony's active noise-cancelling technology that automatically adjusts itself based on how noisy your surroundings are. There's also a new Ambient Sound pass-through mode that lets in the noise of your surroundings so you can handily hear, say, traffic noise or train announcements.

Battery life is a very impressive 35 hours – longer than a lot of flagship wireless headphones – and an hour can be replenished with just a 10-minute charge. There's also NFC for quick wireless pairing with Android smartphones, as well as a button for launching your phone's voice assistant. 

Sony seems to have largely stuck with a tried and tested formula here, so it's a pair we feel comfortable recommending at this unprecedented price.

Got a little more to spend or would prefer an earbuds style? The £69 WH-CH710N isn't the only Sony headphones deal around right now. Check out this little lot...

Sony WH-1000XM4 £330

Sony WH-1000XM4 £330 £219 at Amazon (save £111)
Our favourite wireless noise-cancelling headphones at this price. No longer Sony's latest and greatest (that'd be the XM5 below), but still excellent – battery life, build, comfort and usability are all great for the money.
What Hi-Fi? Award winners


Sony WH-1000XM5 £379 £290.86 at Sevenoaks (save £88)
The latest and greatest Sony over-ear wireless noise-cancelling headphones have been reduced again for Black Friday, with an £83 saving that makes them even better performance-per-pound value. What Hi-Fi? Award winner

Sony WF-SP800N £180

Sony WF-SP800N £180 £130 at Amazon (save £50)
Not perfect – they can be coarse at the top end and their default bass response is perhaps too rich for its own good –but they can be finessed to deliver a really energetic, well-balanced and enjoyable sound. Add in a worthwhile control app, decent noise-cancelling and indisputable build quality, and they start to look like very good value indeed. Five stars

Sony WF-1000XM4

Sony WF-1000XM4 £250 £159 at Amazon (save £91)
Put simply, the Sonys are the complete package – fantastic all-rounders that look great, sound great, and do everything you could ask of them. Battery life is eight hours per charge, they're nice to use and their ANC is arguably the best in the business. What Hi-Fi? Award winner


Sony WF-C500 £90 £49 at Amazon (save £41)
Boasting impressive musicality and excellent levels of detail and insight, these comfortable, sporty earbuds are well worth even their non-discounted price. The WF-C500 feature 20 hours of battery life, IPX4 splash resistance and Bluetooth 5.0, and are available in black, white, orange and mint. What Hi-Fi? Award winner


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