Black Friday iPad deals see prices slashed across range – 15% off 2022 iPad Air

Black Friday iPad deals see prices slashed across range – 15% off 2022 iPad Air
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There are Black Friday iPad deals on multiple models of Apple tablet. If you're looking for a tablet bargain, step this way.

First up, the 2022 iPad Air. This is reduced by 15 per cent, dropping the price from £669 to £569 (opens in new tab).

Apple iPad Air (2022) £669 (opens in new tab)

Apple iPad Air (2022) £669 £569 at Amazon (save £100) (opens in new tab)
US deal: $599 $549 (save $50) (opens in new tab)
15 per cent off amounts to a  healthy discount of £100 on the 2022 iPad Air. It has a relatively modest 64GB of storage and only wi-fi, not a cellular connection. But as a home tablet for browsing and emailing, it's hard to beat.

For many people, the iPad Air will be the best tablet in Apple's line-up. It's slim and light enough to use with ease, and won't take up too much space in a bag if you do take it out of the home. The 10.9-inch screen is bigger than the iPad Mini's, but not as gargantuan – and unwieldy – as the iPad Pro's. At this price, it's a no-brainer.

If your budget is a little more modest, there's also money off the standard iPad, which is the cheapest in the current line-up.

£499 (opens in new tab)

Apple iPad (2022) £499 £469 at Amazon (save £30) (opens in new tab)
US deal:
$449 $426 (save $23) (opens in new tab)
In our review, we said that the 2022 iPad "packs small yet meaningful upgrades into a modernised chassis, coming together to create a well-rounded and versatile tablet." And with £30 off, it's an even better buy than before.

This year's iPad upgrade earned the full five stars in our review. There's a new design  (bye bye Home button and Lightning connector), and minor yet significant upgrades to picture and audio quality. With the price cut, it's easier to recommend than ever.

Last year's model is also discounted – a 16 per cent discount brings it down to £309 (opens in new tab). And in the US, there's 18 per cent off the 2021 model, bringing it down to $269 (opens in new tab).

But what if you want to go small? There's a deal on the iPad Mini too, knocking 19 per cent off the RRP of £569. For you? £459 (opens in new tab). But don't tell anyone.

Apple iPad Mini (2021) £569 (opens in new tab)

Apple iPad Mini (2021) £569 £459 at Amazon (save £110) (opens in new tab)
US deal:
$499 $399 (save $100) (opens in new tab)
There's big money off Apple's diddy tablet too. A 19 per cent discount means a saving of £110, which is enough to buy a decent pair of cheap wireless earbuds to go with it.

The Mini scored a perfect five out of five in our review. That's thanks to its improved build, engaging audio and punchy picture, making it a compelling proposition for anyone wanting a smaller tablet for on the go.

And if you want to go large? The iPad Pro has money off too. The 11-inch model is reduced by £40 to £859 (opens in new tab).

£899 (opens in new tab)

Apple iPad Pro (2022) 11-inch £899 £859 at Amazon (save £40) (opens in new tab)
US deal:
$799 $739 (save $60) (opens in new tab)
The pros out there will love the iPad Pro. This 11-inch model isn't as the biggest Apple does – there's a 12.9-incher too, though that isn't discounted – but it will be big enough for most. Add oodles of power and a stunning screen and you've got a pro-grade tool for all your AV needs.

The iPad Pro is aimed at creators working on animations, illustrations, video editing, audio production and all that jazz. The 11-inch Pro has a Liquid Retina LED-backlit IPS display, while the 12.9-inch Pro has a Liquid Retina XDR mini-LED backlit IPS display – rumours abound the 11-incher will be upgraded to a mini-LED screen soon. Until then, there's still plenty to enjoy with this generation model.


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