01 April 2004

B&O BeoLab5

These outlandish constructions work as well as sculpture as they do as speakers
30 March 2004

Clearaudio Emotion package

Spending more than £600 on this package might seem extravagant – but not once you’ve heard this Award-winning deck in action

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06 February 2004

Naim CD5i (Mk II)

The CD5i gets a lick of paint in the shape of the MkII (actually called the CD5 'i' with an...
09 December 2003

Pure Digital Evoke-2XT

Sonically, the Evoke-2XT is noticeably broader and more authoritative than its smaller Evoke-1 stablemates
13 September 2003

Primare I21

A beautifully built, stylish, and capable amp it might be, but its overall character might prove a little too polite...