TV deal of the year? This 48-inch Philips OLED TV is now just £700 at Currys

OLED TV: Philips OLED707
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While OLED technology has certainly come down in price significantly since it first hit shops, it's still depressingly rare to find an OLED TV for less than £1000. That's what makes this deal so enticing: not only is it an OLED TV for well under £1000, it's from an established brand, it's strikingly similar to a model that we gave an Award to, it supports 4K/120Hz gaming and it's got Ambilight, too. Now that looks like a great deal.

The TV in question? That's the 48-inch Philips OLED707, which you can currently pick up for just £700 at Currys.

Philips 48OLED707 OLED TV £1099 £700 at Currys (save £399)

Philips 48OLED707 OLED TV £1099 £700 at Currys (save £399)
While we haven't reviewed the OLED707, it's said to be almost identical to the OLED807, to which we gave an Award just last year. This is a 48-inch OLED TV with two HDMI 2.1 sockets that support next-gen gaming features such as 4K/120Hz, it can handle all current HDR formats and it's got three-sided Ambilight. That's a extremely strong offering at this price.

We haven't specifically reviewed the OLED707, but we understand that it's very similar indeed to the OLED807 – a TV that we gave five stars to when we reviewed it last year at a price of £1249, and which then went on to win one of our prestigious Awards.

The differences, as we understand them, are that the OLED707 has Ambilight on just three sides (rather than the four of the OLED807), and that it comes with a less fancy remote control and dainty feet rather than a T-bar pedestal. Those seem like more than reasonable sacrifices to accept for a discount this huge.

Unless there's a hidden difference that we've not spotted in the specs, the OLED707 should offer the same picture performance as the OLED807, which we described as being 'exceptionally sharp and punchy'. Inky-deep blacks are essentially a given, of course, as this is an OLED TV, but the OLED807 does a particularly good job of combining this black depth with excellent shadow detail, lovely bright highlights and stunningly vibrant colours.

We found that the OLED807 sounded significantly better than other TVs in its class, such as the LG C2, and the OLED707 appears to feature the same 70W 2.1 audio system and support for Dolby Atmos.

HDR support, meanwhile, is spot-on, with both Dolby Vision and HDR10+ on board as well as the more common HDR10 and HLG. The two HDMI 2.1 sockets support 4K/120Hz, VRR (including G-Sync and Freesync) and ALLM, making this look like a hugely well-specced gaming TV for the money, and while one of those sockets also handles eARC, standard ARC is available through all of the other HDMIs, so you don't necessarily have to sacrifice a 2.1 input for your soundbar.

Our only significant criticism of the OLED807 was that it's a bit fiddly to get the picture looking its best, but spend a little bit of time tweaking settings and it's capable of dazzling results, and we expect that to be the same with this OLED707 model.


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