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Cyber Monday Amazon deal: save 30% on Award-winning Pure radios

Cyber Monday Amazon deal: save 30% on Award-winning Pure radios
(Image credit: Future)

You can save big on Award-winning Pure radios this Cyber Monday, with Amazon slashing 30% from the price of the Evoke H2.

That means you'll spend just £69.89 on the Walnut finish, or £1.10 more if you prefer it finished in the lighter Oak.

Still out of your price range? Amazon is also offering a 20% saving on the Elan BT3 portable radio, meaning you can nab one of those for as low as £50.99.

Pure Evoke H2 radio in Walnut £100 £70 at Amazon
This Award-winning radio from Pure has held its own for three years now, and the fact it is now £30 cheaper makes it a bit of a no-brainer for those who want a sub-£100 unit.View Deal

Pure Elan BT3 portable radio in Graphite £64 £51 at Amazon
The Elan BT3 is well stocked with features, including a colour screen and Bluetooth connectivity, and this saving makes it a great deal for those after a capable portable radio.View Deal

The Evoke H2 completed its hat-trick of What Hi-Fi? Awards in 2019, being named our favourite radio under £100 since its release in 2017 – so this saving only makes it more tempting a deal.

You'll get all FM, DAB and DAB+ radio stations, timers and alarms, a headphone output and an aux-in for playing music from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or portable music player. Add a battery pack and you can also take it out with you in the garden.

Most important, though, is how good it sounds. The midrange is full but clear, meaning you'll hear properly anything being said or sung, and there's an impressive amount of detailed bass response for a unit this size.

The Elan BT3, on the other hand, adds a colour screen and Bluetooth for wireless streaming from any compatible device. We've not had it in our test rooms, so we can't vouch for the performance, but safe to say Pure usually knows what it's doing when it comes to radios.