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Onkyo never rests when it comes to innovating in audio – as its new range of wireless and hi-res-certified headphones show

Since 1946, Onkyo has committed itself to delivering music the way it was meant to be heard. Every detail; every emotion. Effortless perfection. It’s an ideal that Onkyo calls Pure Sound, and it’s been the company’s obsession for 70 years.

Its receivers were lauded in the 1970s. Its tape-decks, M-series amps, turntables and radio tuners were celebrated in the ‘80s. The 1990s saw its THX-certified home cinema equipment come to the fore. And in the 2000s it launched 7-channel systems, network receivers and increasingly advanced audio-decoding technology – before jumping to a full nine channels in 2010.

More recently the company embraced Hi-Res Audio, which captures every detail of the original performance to deliver a more immersive and authentic listening experience. The goal is sound that’s distortion-free, simple, natural and perfectly in tune.

Onkyo’s engineers never rest when it comes to unearthing new and innovative ways to let listeners enjoy their audio. Now they’re applying their expertise from large-scale hi-fi and home cinema to personal audio: headphones and portable devices.

Making Pure Sound portable

Onkyo’s range of headphones comprises hi-res audio-certified, wireless Bluetooth and conventional wired designs, in both on-ear and in-ear versions. Each model has been designed to ensure its wearer gets the most out of their music.

The engineers’ philosophy is clear. Highs are to be smooth and extended – never dull or harsh. The midrange has to be clear and open, with vocals to the fore. And the low-end must be deep and accurate – not overblown or dominant.

Look out over the coming weeks for detailed video introductions and unboxings for three highlights of the Onkyo headphones range: the E700M in-ears (plus their wireless Bluetooth cousins, the E700BT); the ground-breaking W800BT True Wireless in-ears; and the H500M and H500BT hi-res-certified on-ears. We’ll also bring you the X6 and X9 premium portable Bluetooth speakers.

Onkyo has 70 years of experience in researching, honing and fine-tuning what makes great sound, and it’s poured every second of that innovative history into its portable hi-fi products.

Regardless of the tech that backs them up, they all share the same Onkyo DNA: a passion for engineering, fanatical attention to detail and quality, and the aim of reproducing every detail and every nuance, every time.

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