One of the best OLED TVs is now under £1000 thanks to this tempting deal

Philips OLED808
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Philips may have been slightly late to the party in 2023 with the release of its OLED TVs, but the OLED808 is a prime example of good things coming to those who wait. While it didn't grace our AV test room until December of last year, we called it "one of the best" TVs to launch in 2023, which is high praise indeed.

While it was already a competitively priced TV back then, the price of the OLED808 has dropped significantly since its launch; we presume that the launch of the 2024 Philips TV range may have played a part in this. We originally reviewed this TV at £1399, however through Richer Sounds' VIP Club programme it can be yours for just £999

Philips 55OLED808 £1399£999 at Richer Sounds (save £400)

Philips 55OLED808 £1399 £999 at Richer Sounds (save £400)
The Philips OLED808 is an excellent step-down OLED TV that proves that you don't need the latest screen tech to deliver an excellent picture. It's backed by a powerful sound system, the dazzling Ambilight lighting feature and two HDMI 2.1 sockets for 4K/120Hz gaming with VRR and ALLM. 

Also available at Hughes

Serving as the step down from the flagship OLED908 in Philips' 2023 OLED TV lineup, the OLED808 is the mid-range model in Philips' current offering of OLED TVs. It is set to be replaced by the OLED809 later this month, which is expected to be slightly brighter and come with an updated processor, but considering the price and performance of this TV, we're willing to bet that the OLED808 will be the better buy.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, it's important to mention that this TV doesn't include Freeview Play apps, meaning you won't be able to download BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 or ITV X catch-up apps. While this is frustrating, we wouldn't consider it a deal breaker by any means, and it can be remedied by pairing this TV with a media streamer.

The OLED808 is outfitted with an OLED EX panel that can reportedly hit 1000 nits of brightness, as well as featuring a 4K resolution, 120Hz maximum refresh rate and support for both Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+. We praised this TV's ability to deliver a dynamic yet balanced picture with bucketloads of contrast, crisply defined edges, and punchy colours.

Sound performance is equally impressive, with a 70W 2.1 sound system built into the TV. It might not be quite as impressive as the Bowers & Wilkins speaker system of its more expensive counterpart, but the Philips-tuned sound system delivers more bass than expected. It's clear and dynamic too, making it a perfectly good sound system to use for everyday viewing – that being said, you could put the cash you've saved with this deal towards a Dolby Atmos soundbar for an even better audio experience. 

Finally, this TV delivers a comprehensive set of gaming features with 4K/120Hz gaming support with VRR and ALLM on two of its four HDMI sockets. While a full suite of HDM 2.1 sockets would've been nice, only the most hardcore of gamers with both the PS5 and Xbox Series X will find this to be an issue. 

If this OLED TV sounds appealing to you, then we'd recommend taking advantage of this excellent deal at Richer Sounds. Just remember to sign up for the free VIP Club membership programme to take advantage of the full savings price. 


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