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Best back to school sales UK: deals on headphones, speakers, tablets and more

Best back to school deals: headphones, speakers, tablets and more
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It might feel like summer has only just started, but it's not long until schools and universities start their autumn terms. Which means one thing: back to school sales!

Whether you're heading back to the classroom or lecture hall, you'll need some new tech to help you through. We've rounded up the best headphones, speakers and tablets that will take your work – and play – to the next level.

Best back to school Apple tablet deals

Apple tablets are some of the best around, but they don't come cheap. Usually, that is...

Best back to school Amazon tablet deals

Amazon's tablets are much more affordable, but still very capable.

Best back to school Samsung tablet deals

Looking for something in between? Samsung's tablets sit between Apple's pricey models and Amazon's wallet-friendly ones, but still deliver plenty of bang for your buck.

Best back to school Microsoft tablet deals

Best back to school wireless headphones deals

Wireless headphones are the future. Whether you're exercising or hitting the books, you won't be tethered to your sound source, giving you much more freedom of movement.

Best back to school true wireless earbuds deals

True wireless earbuds mean even greater freedom – ideal for exercising, or for a minimalist approach to the daily commute. 

Best back to school wired headphones deals

Prefer a wired pair? Old school. But the sound quality is usually better than wireless.

Best back to school wireless speaker deals

Don't fill your student digs with wires, use wireless speakers instead.

Best back to school desktop speaker deals

Wired models will give you a fuller sound. Right, you'll listen to your lecture notes on them...

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