How to get student discounts on Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, and more

student discounts on Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, Disney+
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One of the biggest advantages of being a student is that you can take advantage of so many student deals and discounts – and not just on clothes, technology and Dominos. Some of the world's most popular music and movie streaming services have got student discounts on offer, so even the poorer among us can still be entertained by unlimited access to music and movies.

Student discounts like those for Hulu or Tidal are nice enough, simply slashing the price of a monthly subscription by more than 50 per cent, but the standout deals on offer below are definitely those from Spotify, Amazon and, to a lesser extent, Apple...

Am I eligible for a student discount?

In general, you're going to need a .edu email address to qualify for a student subscription price, so if your school doesn't offer one of those, you might be out of luck. More and more, though, services offering student discounts are using third-party verification services which, upon you entering your details, 'verifies' that you're a student.

For more information to see if you are eligible for a student discount, just follow the links below and check out support pages as necessary. And even if you end up being one of the unlucky few students that can't apply, many universities have deals with companies to offer products and services to students for cheap or free, so make sure to investigate the resources your university provides.

Not every student discount out there is especially generous, but anything is always better than nothing, so make sure to find out if you can get verified as a student, because more money in your pocket each month adds up fast.

In no particular order, here are the very best student discounts around you can use to save money while you're at university...

How to get a Spotify student discount

Spotify has an incredible bundle for students, packing in Spotify Premium, Hulu (with ads), and Showtime's streaming service all for $5 a month. That's a saving of $22 per month over the standard subscriptions so it's a bit of a no-brainer if you're looking for the cheapest way to get unlimited access to both music and movies.

Anyone over the age of 18 who is enrolled at a US Title IV accredited college or university is eligible. You can get access up to 12 months from the date you subscribed, and to remain subscribed after that (you can get the student price for a maximum of three years), you'll need to re-verify their eligibility.

To sign up, though, you don't just need an .edu address; you'll need to get verified as a student through a service called SheerID.

Spotify (with Hulu and Showtime): $27 $5 at SpotifySave$22 per month

Spotify (with Hulu and Showtime): $27 $5 at Spotify
Spotify's student discount offers up not just Spotify Premium but also Hulu (with ads) and the Showtime streaming service. Get all this for the low monthly price of just $5, getting three services for the price of one. To apply, you'll have to be verified as a student through SheerID. Save $22 per month

How to get an Apple Music (and Apple TV+) student discount

Apple offers up not just Apple Music with a student discount but bundles in Apple TV+ too, for a total of $6 a month for the two services combined, giving you your ultimate fill of Apple music and video content. This is a saving of $9 a month, which quickly adds up. Thanks, Tim Apple!

You can sign up for this student discount from Apple for Apple Music for up to 48 months (four years), while Apple TV+ is included for a limited time. Each year, you'll have to reverify your student status with Apple, and to apply you've got be a student studying for a bachelor's degree, post-graduate degree, or be pursuing an equivalent Higher Education course at a college.

Signing up also requires more than just a .edu email address, with Apple relying on the UNiDAYS service to verify student status.

Apple Music (and Apple TV+): $15 $6 at AppleSave $9 per month

Apple Music (and Apple TV+): $15 $6 at Apple
If you get an Apple Music student subscription, you'll also get access to Apple TV+ for free, which makes a good discount into a great deal. Apple verifies your student status through a service called UNiDAYS, and anybody enrolled in university can apply. Save $9 per month

How to get an Amazon Prime student discount

Amazon has a great student package called Prime Student. This is basically Amazon Prime, which includes shipping deals, Prime Video, Prime Music, Amazon Photos, and more. When you sign up, you'll get Prime Student for free for six months, and then you'll get a hefty 50 per cent off discount, bringing the monthly cost to $7.50.

Amazon has one of the less restrictive student verification programs, simply requiring a .edu email address you'll use to verify your student status. Amazon also doesn't require you to reverify student status on a routine schedule, and you'll easily be able to enjoy Prime Student for the duration of your undergraduate life and maybe beyond.

Prime Student: $15 $7.50 at AmazonSave $7.50 per month

Prime Student: $15 $7.50 at Amazon
Prime offers a massive six-month free trial for Prime Student and then half-off monthly payments. Prime Student includes Prime delivery, Prime exclusive deals, Prime Video, Prime Music, Amazon Photos, and more. Signing up for Prime Student requires a .edu email address to work. Save $7.50 per month

How to get a Tidal student discount

Tidal's student discount offers students higher-quality music streaming than Spotify from as little as $5 per month.

Tidal offers up a flat 50 per cent discount for students, so you can get Tidal HiFi (CD-quality) for $5 a month or HiFi+ (high-resolution) for $10 a month, so long as you're a high school or college student over 16 years of age. Plus, you'll also get a free 30-day trial when you sign up.

You'll need to reverify your student status every year, and Tidal verifies student status through SheerID, much like Spotify. Though, of course, depending on whether you're a high school or college student, your verification requirements will vary. Tidal is one of the few major streaming services that extends its student discount to high schoolers, which can then be extended throughout college, which is a fantastic way to experience Tidal for cheap.

Tidal HiFi: $10 $5 / Tidal Hi-Fi+: $20 $10Save up to $10 per month

Tidal HiFi: $10 $5 / Tidal Hi-Fi+: $20 $10
Tidal offers a 50 per cent discount for students, bringing Tidal HiFi down to $5 a month and HiFi+ down to $10 a month. Tidal relies on you actually providing university documents to prove you're a student, and as a backup, Tidal uses SheerID for when documents can't be instantly verified. Save up to $10 per month

How to get a Hulu student discount

The best way to get a Hulu student discount is to sign up for a student discount on Spotify Premium, which will nab you Hulu (with ads) alongside Spotify Premium and the Showtime streaming service for $5 a month, though you can also sign up for a student discount on Hulu (with ads) directly through Hulu for $2 a month. That saves you $5 a month over a normal subscription.

Students enrolled in graduate or advanced degree programs at Title IV accredited colleges in the U.S. are eligible for the Hulu student discount, and you'll have to apply to be verified as a student through the now-familiar SheerID service, much like other student discounts.

Hulu: $7 $2 at Hulu

Hulu: $7 $2 at Hulu
Not interested in Spotify or Showtime's streaming service? Want to save a few more bucks and get just Hulu? Well, students can get Hulu (with ads) for $2 a month, after being verified through SheerID. However, most will be better off with the Spotify student bundle that includes Hulu.

Does Netflix have a student discount?

No! It doesn't. Netflix doesn't even offer free trials. Netflix might have the very best original streaming content out there, but the service is going to cost you. Plus, Netflix has been cracking down on account sharing, so if you get your Netflix fix from a friend or family member you don't live with, you might end up having to pay full price yourself.

Though, this could always change. Free trials, discounts, sales, and the like aren't hard and fast policies that never change, so could be that Netflix does eventually introduce a student discount, but you'll have to keep your eyes peeled. Rest assured, if the service does add a discount, we'll update this page.

As it stands today, you'll have to sign up for a traditional Netflix account at the starting price of $9.99 a month to stream SD content.

Does Disney+ have a student discount?

Nope! Not at all. However, Disney+ has run student discount promotions in the past through the UNiDAYS site, so it's possible that you'll be able to one day get a student discount there again. Plus, since Hulu fully supports student discounts, and since Hulu is owned by Disney, there's some precedence for Disney streaming services getting student discounts.

Disney+ isn't as expensive or stingy as Netflix can be, so there's probably a decent chance that if you wait long enough you'll be able to grab Disney+ at a student discount. You can always enjoy the 7-day free trial whenever you want, though, and the service starts out at $8 per month.


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