Streaming is fast replacing downloading for many people, so which is the best music streaming service?

When it comes to getting your digital music fix in 2017, more and more people are turning to streaming services such as Spotify rather than downloading from the likes of Amazon and iTunes. 

What's more, streaming music need not only be about convenience. Thanks to the emergence of CD-quality, lossless audio services such as Tidal (and Deezer Elite, currently only available on Sonos in the UK), now you can finally get the quality to match.


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Reviewed on 27th May 2015 at

Tidal impressed us at launch and, thanks to an ever-expanding music catalogue, interesting USPs and exclusive content, it continues to do so.

And, £20/month gets you the CD-quality lossless streaming of Tidal Hi-Fi, which delivers a level of sound quality that rivals struggle to beat.

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Reviewed on 9th November 2016

Although Tidal is our streaming service of choice when it comes to out and out quality, if you can only stretch to £10 per month, our vote goes to Spotify.

It offers a wealth of content and its excellent platform support and user interface make it a no-brainer for those keen to discover new music.

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