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Select Onkyo and Pioneer receivers now work with Sonos

Thanks to Onkyo and Pioneer joining 'Works with SONOS', some products in their receiver ranges (listed below) can now integrate with a Sonos system on the same wi-fi network, allowing basic control via the Sonos app.

For this to work, the audio output from the Onkyo or Pioneer components has to be connected to a Sonos Connect (£349).

When set up, the user will be able to play music (and control volume) via the Sonos app, and the Pioneer or Onkyo component will be able to automatically wake up and switch to the right input.

The firmware upgrade necessary to activate the Sonos functionality is available now. The following receivers are compatible:


VSX-933 (AV)

VSX-LX303 (AV)

VSX-LX503 (AV)

SX-N30AE (stereo network)

SC-LX701 (AV)

SC-LX801 (AV)

SC-LX901 (AV)


TX-NR686 (AV)

TX-RZ730 (AV)

TX-RZ830 (AV)

TX-8270 (stereo network)

TX-8250 (stereo network)

TX-RZ1100 (AV)

TX-RZ3100 (AV)

PR-RZ5100 (AV)


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