Spotify Connect now streams from Android phones and tablets

If you're an Android device owner and Spotify user, and you've logged into the Play Store this morning, you would have noticed an update.

This update brings with it Spotify Connect, a feature that allows you to connect your device to your home wireless network and stream music directly from your Spotify app to a selection of Spotify Connect speakers and AV receivers.

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Already on Apple devices, you will need to be a Spotify Premium subscriber to take advantage of Spotify Connect.

Users with Android devices will now see a speaker icon in the drop down menu underneath the album artwork, enabling them to connect to a compatible speaker or amp.

The number of Spotify Connect compatible speakers and AV receivers is relatively scarce at the moment, with only Pioneer and Yamaha confirming updates to their 2013 range of AV amps.

Pioneer also offers Spotify Connect support on its SMA wireless speakers, while Bang and Olufsen has integrated Spotify Connect support into its BeoPlay A9 speaker.

Spotify Connect brings similar functionality to Bluetooth streaming but allows you to do all the streaming and control functions from the same app: Spotify. It also allows you to play the same track in multiple rooms if you have multiple Spotify Connect devices.

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by Max Langridge

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