Best multi-room systems


(We've come up with these prices by pairing the most expensive and the most affordable speakers in each range with the device that pairs them with your existing system. Of course, it's possible to spend even less. Or plenty more...)

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Under £700

Audio Pro multi-room

Hardly the most advanced system around, but no alternative makes such splendid sound-per-pound sense. 

Reasons to Buy
Detailed and expressive sound with plenty of low-end presence
Old Addon speakers can be incorporated
Great value
Reasons to Avoid
App lacks the slickness and sophistication of the best

Under £1400

Sonos multi-room system

Stress-free and reliable - even the lack of hi-res audio support can't spoil the Sonos Experience.

Reasons to Buy
Still the best user experience
Good service support
Consistent, natural, engaging sound
Regular updates
Reasons to Avoid
Individual speakers can be trumped for sound
No hi-res support

Under £2000

Bluesound Generation 2

This Bluesound system can stream hi-res files to every room in your house. Lots of alternatives in its extensive range, too.

Reasons to Buy
Pulse 2 remains among class leaders
Unified familial sound
Loads of products to choose from
One of the best, most feature-laden apps
Reasons to Avoid
Pulse Flex, Pulse Mini and Node 2 have lost ground to newer competitors
Notable price rise since launch
Sonos app is better still

Today's best Bluesound Generation 2 deals

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