The market is awash with plug 'n' play multi-room systems. They're a convenient solution, allowing you to stream music to and between rooms with minimal fuss, but what are the best multi-room options out there?

Sonos has been and continues to be the pacesetter in this category. It's still the set-up to beat at the more affordable end of the market, but Bluesound's accomplished system brings high-res support and superior sound quality, a perfect fit for the premium end of the market.

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Sonos System

Reviewed on 14th October 2014 at

Sonos is still the most accomplished and affordable, multi-room system for newcomers to the concept. Start with a £170 Play:1 and you can add more speakers as you go along, including the larger Play:3 and the Play:5 modelsIf high-res audio isn't a priority and you'd rather save a few quid, then this is where our money would go.

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Bluesound Generation 2

Reviewed on 16th October 2015 at

High-res music doesn't have to be confined to traditional hi-fi systems. Bluesound lets you spread the hi-res love through your home, and its latest 2nd generation system is superb. It sounds fantastic, looks good and is simple to use.

Your choice of products is comprehensive, thanks to the Powernode 2, an amplified streamer, the Node 2, unamplified for hooking up to an existing system, and the Pulse, Puse 2, Pulse Mini and Pulse Flex wireless speakers. Then there's the Vault 2, an all-in-one music streamer and CD ripper with 1TB of storage, the Duo, a 2.1 speaker package, and the Pulse Soundbar.

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