Best multi-room systems 2019

Under £1000

Audio Pro multi-room

Hardly the most advanced system around, but no alternative makes such splendid sound-per-pound sense.


Wi-fi: Yes | Ethernet: Yes | Outputs: Optical, RCA | Streaming: AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Audio Pro multiroom

Reasons to Buy
Detailed and expressive sound with plenty of low-end presence
Old Addon speakers can be incorporated
Great value
Reasons to Avoid
App lacks the slickness and sophistication of the best

The Audio Pro range may be small compared to its multi-room rivals, and the app is a little lacking. But for the best sound quality at the price, this system is currently unbeatable. At just £100, the puck-like Link 1 hub turns your hi-fi and other Addon speakers into a simple multi-room system.

As much as anything else, your chosen path for migration to multi-room should be about whose speakers you want around your house. For us, Audio Pro makes that particular decision admirably simple.

Over £1000

Sonos multi-room system

Stress-free and reliable - even the lack of hi-res audio support can't spoil the Sonos experience.


Music streaming: Spotify Connect, Tidal, Qobuz, Apple Music | Voice control: Amazon Alexa | File support: MP3, WMA, FLAC (up to 16bit/44.1kHz), WAV, AAC and AIFF | Wi-fi: Yes | Ethernet: Yes | Bluetooth: No

Reasons to Buy
Still the best user experience
Consistent, natural, engaging sound
Regular updates
Reasons to Avoid
Individual speakers can be trumped for sound
No hi-res support

It’s facing more competition than ever, but no multi-room offering is as complete or as pleasurable to live with as Sonos, even if it does lack hi-res support (not a deal breaker for us).

Sonos as a system has two big advantages – breadth of choice and simplicity of use. In the time its rivals have been playing catch-up, Sonos has launched a whole family of products and got onside with a long list of streaming services, not to mention nailing the usability aspect of multi-room.

For combining a broad range of very accomplished products with comfortably the most substantial selection of streaming services and the most pleasant and complete user-experience, Sonos remains, for us, the best multi-room option.

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