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Best speaker deals 2020 UK: Bluetooth, wireless, smart

Upgrade your music system with our pick of the best speaker deals live right now.

Whether you're looking for a traditional pair of hi-fi stereo speakers, a wireless multi-room smart speaker or a Bluetooth portable speaker, these are the best speaker deals around right now.

All the big brands are below, including wired and wireless options from Apple, Naim, JBL, Sony, Ultimate Ears, Wharfedale and more.

Top 5 speaker deals right now

Wireless speaker deals

JBL Charge 4 £140 £110 at Richer Sounds
This five-star speaker is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about dropping it in that Caribbean infinity pool (or, let's face it, the bath or a puddle). The battery is a healthy 7500mA, which helps keep going for an ultra-marathon 20 hours.

Apple HomePod smart speaker £319 £248 at Laptops Direct
Discounts on Apple products are hard to come by, but this £40 price-drop on the HomePod is a permanent discount put in place by Cupertino's finest. If you own an Apple smartphone and subscribe to Apple Music, then this speaker makes a lot of sense.View Deal

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) £50 £29.99 at Amazon
An easy and excellent way to get your smart home started, the Echo Dot works well on its own or can be integrated into other smart home and AV products. Music streaming is just a voice command and £30 away.View Deal

Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Lite (black) £119 £79.50 at Amazon
If there's one name you can trust to get portable Bluetooth right, it's Ultimate Ears. Promising 360-degree immersive surround sound, a waterproof IPX7 rating, 15-hours of playtime and 30m Bluetooth range, the Boom 2 looks a bargain with this £40 saving. View Deal

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom £90 £47 at John Lewis 
This Bluetooth speaker might only be the size of a coffee mug, but it has a decent sound and rugged build, making it an ideal travel companion. The black version can be yours for almost half price.View Deal

Ultimate Ears Megablast £270 £142 at Amazon
The Megablast is the biggest and one of the best portable Bluetooth speaker UE currently makes. With Alexa built-in, a 16-hour battery, a full-on energetic sound, and £157 off the black version at Amazon, it's a lot of sound for (relatively) little money. View Deal

JBL Go 2 £30 £25 at Richer Sounds
Speakers don't come much more portable than this little number. It's very affordable – especially now – sounds great, and comes in a range of bright, pearlescent colours. Small, bright and fun – it really is hip to be (almost) square.

KEF Muo wireless speaker for £300 £130 at Amazon
A Bluetooth speaker that’s designed for style rather than ruggedness, the portable Muo cuts a sleek figure with its aluminium-clad hourglass shape. An insightful sound with tight timings, wide dynamics and a refined musicality for half its original price - what's not to love?View Deal

Hi-fi speaker deals

Q Acoustics 3050 speakers for £399 £299 at Peter Tyson
These 2016 floorstanders have since been updated by Q Acoustics, but they remain a wildly entertaining proposition, blending power and authority with strong rhythmic drive. Now with a £100 saving.View Deal

Mission LX-2 stereo speakers for £179 £149 at Amazon
The LX-2s are one of the best budget speakers we've heard in the last few years. They deliver strong dynamics and fine timing. Worth every penny of its original price, they're an even better option now.View Deal

Wharfedale D320 budget speakers £199 £149 at Hifix
We like the Wharfedale D320 speakers. They’re easy to get along with and will work well in a wide range of systems. And now you can save £50.View Deal

Wharfedale D330 floorstanders £349 £299 at HiFix
If you're in the market for an affordable and unfussy pair of floorstanders, then these Wharfedale speakers are well worth considering. Now available with a £50 discount at HiFix.View Deal

Q Acoustics Concept 40 floorstanders for £999 £699 at Hifix
Five-star speakers from a few years back but good sound doesn't get old. With over £300 off the original price, these talented, easy-going speakers are now an absolute steal.View Deal

Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers £899 £749 at Amazon
Save £150 on these five-star Focal speakers, which deliver a big, mature sound with impressive power. Their keen sense of timing will give you hours of fun.View Deal

KEF Q350 speakers for £530 £495 at Sevenoaks
If these Award-winning KEFs weren't already on your shopping list, the few quid you save off its original price should tempt you. Trade in your old speakers at Sevenoaks and you can save an additional 20% too.View Deal