Best speaker deals 2023: wireless, stereo and smart speakers

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Upgrade your audio set-up with our pick of the best speaker deals live right now.
This month sees the arrival of Amazon Prime Big Deal Days before November's Black Friday sales periods begin in earnest, making the colder months ripe for a bargain.

Whether you're looking to save on a traditional pair of stereo speakers for your hi-fi system, a wireless multi-room speaker or a portable Bluetooth speaker, there are some great deals around throughout the year. Now, though, we've really entered the golden period for deals, steals and discounts aplenty. 

All the big brands are below, including wired and wireless speaker options from Amazon, JBL, Q Acoustics, Sony and more. 

We'll be keeping an eye on the deals for the coming months in particular, so be sure to bookmark this page moving forward so you don't miss any bargains.

Best wireless speaker deals

JBL Flip 6 was £119

JBL Flip 6 was £119 now £75 at Amazon (save £45)
One of the best portable speakers around at this price point, the JBL Flip model has consistently impressed over its various generations, and this latest is no different. Expect a bold sound, rugged build and excellent usability.
Five stars
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JBL Xtreme 3  was £300

JBL Xtreme 3 was £300 now £232 at Amazon (save £68)
Considerably bigger than the Flip 6 above, the JBL Xtreme 3 is a versatile and talented wireless speaker that’s as happy chilling at home as it is being the life and soul of a party. With £68 off, JBL's Xtreme is a great choice for those wanting to fill a big space with musical sound. 
Five stars
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JBL Charge 5 was £170

JBL Charge 5 was £170 now £140 at Amazon (save £30)
This What Hi-Fi? Award-winning Bluetooth speaker can be yours with £30 off right now as we approach Prime Day. A discount here is not to be sniffed at – this is an excellent sounding, no-nonsense portable Bluetooth speaker that has a legacy of excellent Charge models behind it.
What Hi-Fi? Award winner
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Audio Pro Addon C3 wireless speaker  was £280

Audio Pro Addon C3 wireless speaker was £280 now £140 at Amazon (save £140)
The C3 portable speaker has it all, combining multi-room skills, solid build and excellent sound quality in an impressively well-priced package. Now that said price has fallen dramatically (nearly half, in fact), it could be the best time to buy.
What Hi-Fi? Award winner
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B&O Beosound A1 2nd gen was £239

B&O Beosound A1 2nd gen was £239 now £194 at Amazon (save £45)
The Beosound A1 (2nd Gen) delivers a pleasing yet authoritative performance that you'd be happy listening to all day. Throw in its classy design plus the bonus of Alexa, and you're looking at a top Bluetooth speaker. Not a huge discount, and we've seen this speaker drop lower before, but it's still worth the money. 
Five stars
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Sonos Roam was £179

Sonos Roam was £179 now £163 at Amazon (save £16)
Sonos is known for its attractive, full-sounding speakers, and while the Roam doesn't quite hit the heights reached by the likes of the Era 100 and Era 300 smart speakers, it's still a nicely made, robust unit full of musical muscle.
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Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation) was £55

Amazon Echo Dot (5th generation) was £55 now £22 at Amazon (save £23)
Amazon's fifth-gen Echo Dot is a five-star performer with a surprising amount of wallop. It may be small, but the dinky Dot sounds authoritative and musical, and has one of the best AI assistants in the shape of Alexa. This discount is massive, so unless you hate Amazon, it's a no-brainer. 
Five stars
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Sony SRS-XB13 was £55

Sony SRS-XB13 was £55 now £30 at Amazon (save £25)
We haven't tested the SRS-XB13, but at an ultra-budget price, it ticks the basic boxes. The XB13 boasts a water, dust and mud-proof build, plus an Extra Bass feature for more low-end clout. The lowest prices are on the black, blue and pink finishes, but other colours have small discounts.

Tribit Stormbox was £70

Tribit Stormbox was £70 now £64 at Amazon (save £6)
A very likeable Bluetooth speaker with excellent battery life. We didn't think the sound of the Pro version was amazing for the price, but with a small discount you may well be tempted. With Prime Day approaching, that discount could get a whole lot bigger, and better, in the coming weeks.

JBL GO 3 was £40

JBL GO 3 was £40 now £30 at Amazon (save £10)
Although it launched at £30, the popularity of JBL's cute little soap-on-a-rope beauty saw it go up to £40. Thankfully it's fallen just back to its original price now for the plain white finish. A dinky little speaker at a great price. 
Five stars
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Audio Pro Addon C10 MKII was £399

Audio Pro Addon C10 MKII was £399 now £295 at Amazon (save £104)
With three options for multi-room streaming (Google Cast, AirPlay 2 and Audio Pro), levelled-up grippy bass and improved hi-fidelity performance over the Award-winning original, the C10 MkII is still one of the best wireless speakers at this level. Black colourway only.
What Hi-Fi? Award winner
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JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker was £120

JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker was £120 now £78 at Amazon (save £42)
Small, pocketable and perfect for your travels, the Flip 5 is a superb little Bluetooth speaker, with 12 hours of battery life, brilliant sound quality and a £42 saving at Amazon.
Five stars
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Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin was £699

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin was £699 now £495 at Amazon (save £216)
Make a great saving on the B&W Zeppelin Wireless speaker. With unique looks, excellent streaming smarts and expansive and weighty sound that will fill your room easily, it's still a wonderful choice after all this time.
Five stars
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Audio Pro Addon C5A  was £280

Audio Pro Addon C5A was £280 now £123 at Amazon (save £147) Want great sound but the convenience of Alexa AI (without going down the Amazon route)? The C5A is a talented smart speaker that brings together handy voice control with some of the best sound you'll find at this price and for this size.
Five stars.
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Best Hi-fi speaker deals

ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 was £250

ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 was £250 now £229 at Amazon (save £21)
Our very favourite budget speakers now come with a small but welcome discount. These are simply the best performers at this price, ideal for anyone's first hi-fi system.
What Hi-Fi? Awards winner
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Q Acoustics Concept 40 was £999

Q Acoustics Concept 40 was £999 now £499 at Sevenoaks (save 500)
Five-star speakers from a few years back but good sound doesn't get old. With £500 off the original price, these talented, easy-going speakers are now an absolute steal, and one of the biggest discounts you'll find anywhere online.
Five stars.
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KEF LS50 Meta was £1100

KEF LS50 Meta was £1100 £999 at Richer Sounds (save £101)
Delivering class-leading sound for less than a grand, the KEF LS50 Meta are sensational five-star speakers and brilliant all-rounders. If you can afford them, buy them.
What Hi-Fi? Award 2022 winner
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Q Acoustics 3020i speakers was £249

Q Acoustics 3020i speakers was £249 £198 at Amazon (save £51)
Small and sonically gifted, these excellent bookshelf speakers are a great budget buy and you can now save more than £50 on Amazon, but you'll have to settle for a white finish if you want the biggest discount possible.
Five stars
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Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Anniversary Edition was £699

Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Anniversary Edition was £699 now £349 at Sevenoaks (save £350)
There are newer 606 S3 speakers now on the scene (also five-stars), but this Award-winning 606 S2 Edition is still a fantastic performer that, at a whopping great £350 discount, is a terrific deal.
What Hi-Fi? Awards winner
Deal also at
Richer Sounds
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Q Acoustics 3010i standmounts: was £199

Q Acoustics 3010i standmounts: was £199 now £160 at Amazon (save £39)
"Exemplary budget bookshelf speakers for smaller living spaces", as we concluded in our five-star review. The 3010i are among the most engaging of their kind at this level. So a further discount is most welcome.
Five stars
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Bowers & Wilkins 607 S2 Anniversary was £449

Bowers & Wilkins 607 S2 Anniversary was £449 now £299 at Richer Sounds (save £150)
One of our favourite standmounters have been knocking around below £500 for some time, but you can now save £150 on the original price. A no-brainer if you're in the market for mid-priced speakers (and they're cheaper than the new 607 S3 successors) – they will work a treat for smaller spaces and still deliver punchy, detailed sound.
Deal also at Sevenoaks and Peter Tyson
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Q Acoustics 3030i was £330

Q Acoustics 3030i was £330 now £260 at Amazon (save £70)
The 3030i is yet another excellent pair of speakers from Q Acoustics. Want insightful speakers with a good dose of bass heft and authority? These deserve a place on the shortlist. Deal is currently on the black version (stands not included).
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