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Best Bluetooth speaker deals ahead of Black Friday 2020

Stores and sites are awash with deals on great-looking Bluetooth speakers – especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday almost here. So where does one start? Well, we humbly suggest that if you want the sonic performance to match the aesthetic, you start right here. You see, if we don't like the sound, we won't recommend it. We mean only to bring to your attention to some of the best Bluetooth speaker deals out there.

The great thing about Bluetooth speakers is that there really is a model and size out there for every budget. You can go the cheap and cheerful route with something small and portable, or spend hundreds on a premium model to take pride of place in your living room or bedroom.

There's no shortage of great deals to choose from, with a smart speaker, a waterproof option from JBL and our go-to brand for fun design, portability, value and excellent sound, Ultimate Ears, listed below.

We'll keep regularly updating this page, scouring the internet to find ever-more tempting offers while you can also consult our list of the best Bluetooth speakers for extra inspiration. Without further ado, feast your eyes in the best Bluetooth speaker deals out there.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom $99 $59 at Walmart
This Bluetooth speaker might only be the size of a coffee mug, but its great sound and rugged build make it an ideal travel companion. The red version can now be had for the above price. At the time of writing, the gray model is available for a dollar and a half cheaper, but there's just one left! Five starsView Deal

JBL Flip 5 $100 $90 at Best Buy
JBL's newest Flip got a resounding five-star review from us  – the solid sonic chops it can deliver at this level simply can't be denied. While we tested it at $100, the price of this rugged little speaker has actually been up at $120 for a little while now, but Best Buy is currently offering it at a $30 discount. Five starsView Deal

JBL Go 2 $40 $34 at Walmart
Speakers don't come much more portable than this little number. It's very affordable – especially now – sounds good, and comes in a range of bright, pearlescent colours (only some of which can be had for this low price). Small, bright and fun – it really is hip to be (almost) square.View Deal

Bose Home Speaker 500 with Alexa $399 $299 at Amazon
While its smaller brother, the 300, didn't wow us for sound, we've never actually been 12 rounds with this model. It boasts the same Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, AirPlay 2, app support and built-in voice assistants, but you'll also get a color LCD display screen. It's a lot of tech for this low price... View Deal

Ultimate Ears Megaboom (neon forest) $300 $105 at Amazon
Not the newest Ultimate Ears speaker, but we awarded it five stars when it came out in 2015 – and remember, that was at $200 more. Expect 20 hours of battery, a solid waterproof build, a punchy, exciting sound and this edgy, limited edition black/neon green colourway. Five stars.View Deal


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