Grab £50 off the Award-winning Arcam A5... but it won't last long

Integrated amplifier: Arcam A5
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Any money off a recent What Hi-Fi? Award winner always feels like a bit of a bargain, but this five-star stereo amp from Arcam was also our Product of the Year in 2023 – so it's really worth a look.

Previously priced at £750, this Arcam A5 deal cuts a welcome £50 off its price tag,  taking it the under the £700 mark – and for a stereo amp of this calibre, that is quite something.

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Arcam A5 was £749 now £699 (save £50)

Arcam A5 was £749 now £699 (save £50)
After some time focusing more closely on the home cinema market, Arcam made a triumphant return to two-channel last year with the superb Radia range. The A5 is the entry-level offering of its three-strong amp line up, and is a well-rounded performer that's packed with features. It simply can't be topped at this price – an outstanding performer.

As the entry-level amp in Arcam's Radia range, the A5 has a careful balancing act to perform. As it will inevitably be paired with more affordable components, it has to be forgiving enough to gloss over any limitations in the setup, while also serving up a level of transparency that will make the most of more capable kit. 

This is where the A5 takes the lead on its still very capable competition, offering a full-bodied and smooth character that doesn't rob your music of any life or detail.

Arcam has really thought through the feature set here too, and made it arguably one of the most comprehensively equipped stereo amplifiers at its price point. There are three line-level inputs, plus a moving magnet phono stage, with digital sources covered off by a pair of coaxial inputs and a single optical in – all supporting music up to 24-bit/192kHz. Bluetooth 5.2 and aptX Adaptive are both on board too.

Its 50 watts per-channel output should be just fine for the majority of entry-level set ups, but if you need a little more, you can add an outboard power amplifier thanks to the A5's preamplifier outputs.

The best news is that no matter which input you play from, the A5 offers refinement and control in spades, and whatever you listen to through it simply never disappoints. It should already be on top of your shortlist at this level, but at this under £700 price, it should be in your shopping basket. 


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