Future AirPods Pro might have better sound thanks to Bluetooth 5.2

Future AirPods Pro might have better sound thanks to Bluetooth 5.2
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Apple's AirPods Pro earbuds could come with better sound quality and longer battery life in the future. That's because Apple is preparing devices using a newer form of Bluetooth wireless technology than its current crop, according to an entry on the Bluetooth SIG website.

The filing mentions devices using Bluetooth 5.3, but as Mac Rumors points out, Apple devices usually use one Bluetooth version lower than the filing mentions, for reasons no one understands.

Bluetooth 5.2 would pave the way for LE Audio. LE stands for Low Energy, and could result in better sound quality, longer battery life and the ability to pair more than two pairs of headphones to one source device for simultaneous listening. Each earbud could also have its own wireless connection to said device to ensure synchronicity during playback.

In July, the Bluetooth SIG confirmed the spec for Bluetooth LE, which means we should see wireless headphones and hearing aids that use the tech launch soon. Will the Apple AirPods Pro 2 be among them? 

Apple has an event planned for 7th September, at which it's expected to launch the iPhone 14 – but could some new wireless earbuds debut alongside? Even if they don't, we could still see a launch before Christmas. Stay tuned.


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