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I went to vote and it said I had already voted?

Also some of the reviews links are for different products?

Thinking of having an audition of Project Debut Carbon Esprit TT and Naim 5Si cdp with Naim 5si amp. but not sure what speakers will go, can have Kef R300 or MA GX50. 

Maybe worth a look cm1s for £460 etc.

I have an old MArantz 63SE CDP about 20 years old, I am considering upgrading and came across the above which seems to get some good reviews, can anyone tell me how it compares to the 63SE, I'm loo

I'm considering buying a turntable as I still have  a few LPs, I used to have an old Technics but it packed in about 10 years ago.

Having read many reviews and users comments it seems the best ones are:

Benchmark DAC1 £900?

John Kenny JKDAC32 £500?

Audiolab M-DAC £600

Halide Design DAC HD £ 379.

I going for a demo and was wondering if Marantz Pearl Lite cdp and amp with the Dyn x12s would be a good combination. Not sure what other speakers to try as they don't stock Kefs.

I have come across cd players that have been modified by companies such as Fidelity Audio, CPT Acoustics and JS Audio Repairs. Does anyone have any experience of this?

Im looking to buy a BD player upto about £400 which would be the best for sound quality playing mainly cds and Sacds.