Streaming is fast replacing downloading for many people, so which is the best music streaming service?

When it comes to getting your digital music fix in 2016, more and more people are turning to streaming services such as Spotify rather than downloading from the likes of Amazon and iTunes. 

Streaming revenues overtook CD revenues in the US, and it's likely the UK won't be far behind. And with Apple Music a recent entrant to the market, the popularity of streaming is surely only heading in one direction.

What's more, streaming music need not only be about convenience. Thanks to the emergence of CD-quality, lossless audio services such as Tidal (and Deezer Elite, currently only available on Sonos in the UK), now you can finally get the quality to match.

So, can Spotify still impress at 320kbps or is Tidal's lossless offering the place to be? Find out below.


Best music streaming service
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From £10/month

Tidal impressed us at launch and, thanks in part to a series of recent updates, continues to do so.

If you value sound quality and use streaming for a sizeable chunk of your listening, then we think you will be happy to pay £20/month, rather than £10/month for lower-quality music.

With an ever-expanding music catalogue, interesting USPs, exclusive content, videos and lossless audio, Tidal is our go to option for lossless streaming and stands out as a truly compelling proposition in an increasingly busy market.

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From free

However, while Tidal is the service that we feel offers the best all-encompassing solution, if lossless streaming isn't your bag then Spotify is still a solid choice. 

Taking into account its accessibility, ease of use and content – as an all-round service Spotify remains tough to beat. With coverage across a range of devices at no extra price, including PlayStation Music on PS3 and PS4, its ubiquity is an asset that's hard to ignore.

It's a shame there's no lossless audio option, which gives Tidal an advantage, but for everything else? Spotify is a winner.

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