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Prime Day deal: save 34% on five-star Elac Debut stereo speakers

Prime Day hi-fi deal: these Elac Debut bookshelf speakers are a steal!
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Amazon isn't stacked with hi-fi but if you look close enough, you'll find some fantastic Prime Day hi-fi deals: like this super saving on these brilliant Elac speakers. Five-star reviewed at $350, you can now pick up the Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 speakers for just $230 in the Amazon Prime Day sales.

These excellent standmount speakers are the perfect entry-level models for getting started hi-fi. They're equally a great replacement for any budget pair of speakers you own that are coming to the end of their time.

They use large, 16.5cm mid/bass drivers to help produce plenty of weight but they're nimble with it too, with a rhythmic and punchy sound thanks to a blend of quality materials and reduced levels of distortion.

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Fans of their predecessors, the Award-winning Elac Debut B5.2s, will notice considerably more bass helped by bigger cabinets, a sizeable reflex port and those larger drive units too.

They might look understated but the results are a full-bodied and mature presentation with a solid and well-made form factor.

If you're not familiar with the brand, then don't be put off. Elac has been smashing it out of the park of late with its speakers for both hi-fi and home cinema. Consider this excellent discount on Prime Day the perfect opportunity begin your acquaintance.

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